PATTS College of Aeronautics aims to develop the students not only academically and to hone their leadership capabilities for them to be ready to share their abilities, resources, trainings and learnings to the country.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) aims to develop the productive and creative potentials of students through co-curricular extra-curricular activities that are integrated, value-oriented and socially relevant. This office was created to handle general student programs, look after students’ welfare and deportment, and enforce rules and regulations on student behavior and discipline. The ultimate goal is to promote student involvement in campus life programs and activities to complement student educational experiences at PATTS College of Aeronautics.


The Office of Student Affairs will be a center of excellence for student personnel services supportive of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that are integrated, value-oriented and socially relevant for the students’ well-rounded growth and development.


The Office of Student Affairs shall promote the development of students’ leadership skills, potentials and talents through its program thrusts of self-growth and awareness, leadership development, supportive living and learning, productive use of time and enhanced cross-cultural adjustment.

The Office of Student Affairs shall help in the enhancement of students to become disciplined, socially responsive and imbued with desirable values.


Through its various units, the OSA will accomplish the following goals:

1. Assist students to make intelligent decisions on career and choices of life by knowing their capabilities, potentials and interests;

2. Assist students in making adjustments to college life and in coping with life stresses;

3. Provide students the opportunity to become leaders by coordinating and monitoring the activities of student organizations;

4. Provide activities designed for students’ wise use of their free time, development of sportsmanship, personality and cultural growth; and

5. Promote the cross-cultural adjustment of foreign students by providing educational, cultural and social activities.