The Research and Development Department has become a vital instrument in achieving the mission and vision of PATTS College of Aeronautics. It started to strengthen the promotion of research in 2014. The department conducted a series of seminar-workshops by inviting distinguished educators from various colleges, universities, and agencies. In addition, the department regularly holds the PATTS Research Colloquium to give the faculty, staff, and students a chance to present their research. It publishes the Research Bulletin, the official research journal of PATTS. It also establishes research linkages with different reputable research organizations in the country.

The Research and Development Center envisions PATTS to become the leading aviation institution in the country. PATTS research agenda is anchored on the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) National Higher Education Research Agenda-2 (NHERA-2) and guided by the mission and vision of PATTS. It aims to:

  • acquire relevant research materials particularly in technology and management;

  • promote awareness and interest in conducting research by providing continuing professional education and development;

  • plan effective and relevant programs involving faculty, staff, and students in national and international research undertakings;

  • publish high impact researches in engineering, technology, teaching learning, tourism, business, and organization studies;

  • establish linkages with local and international education, government, and private institutions.

The following are the priority research discipline cluster areas:

Area 1: Organization Studies

Area 2: Teaching and Learning

Area 3: Engineering and Technology

Area 4: Tourism and Business


Consortium of the South (CotS)

Society of Aerospace Engineers of the Philippines (SAEP)

Philippine Society for Educational Research and Evaluation, Inc. (PSERE)

Speech Communication Organization of the Philippines (SCŌP)

Philippine Association of Researchers for Tourism and Hospitality (PARTH)

Philippine Association for Graduate Education, National Capital Region (PAGE-NCR)

Long Term Objectives:

  • To become acknowledged expert in particular fields of research in the Education, Engineering, Technology, Tourism, Hospitality, and Business

Medium Term Objectives:

  • To become a collaborator of international organizations, government and private agencies, and academic institutions in the field of research.

  • To become a globally recognized institution of higher learning compliant with International standards in the field of research

  • To strengthen and sustain the research programs of PATTS College of Aeronautics, the Research and Development Center regularly reviews the policies and guidelines of the department to motivate the faculty and non-teaching employees to conduct quality researches.

Research Needs Analysis

The Research and Development Center and the Academic Affairs Department conducted a research needs analysis to provide highly relevant, effective, sustainable and quality research training for the faculty, non-teaching employees and students. Semestral research training is being offered by the college.

Research Funding

PATTS College of Aeronautics annually provides financial support for research. Call for research proposals is disseminated through the Course Chairpersons and Department Heads meeting, faculty meeting, and faculty and employees development seminar.

Research Colloquium

The Research and Development Center manages the research colloquium of PATTS. Faculty, non-teaching employees, and students are encouraged to participate in this annual event.
Faculty and non-teaching employees who present research in the Institutional Research Colloquium will get a corresponding ranking points incentive.

Paper Presentation Subsidy

PATTS will subsidize the conference fee, transportation allowance, hotel accommodation, and air fare for local and international research conferences. Also, the time spent to the presentation will be considered as part of the faculty and non-teaching employees official time.