PATTS, in partnership with HEATCON, is the only aeronautical institution that offers Composite Training through its state-of-the-art laboratory inside the campus.


The laboratory for VVET or Visual Vectoring EnRoute Training is equipped with facilities appropriate for Air Traffic Control Training.  This training facility provides basic skills development instruction and explanatory material that allows students to learn how to manage intense and challenging traffic scenarios in a real Enroute/Area control environment.  PATTS utilizes the ATC Simulator and the Radar Skills Trainer - an ideal program that harnesses skills in vectoring, sequencing, scanning and multi-tasking as well as develops the user’s ability in interface usage and application of radar or surveillance separation.


This 40-room boutique hotel functions as a premium destination for tourists and seminar participants.  It also serves as a training facility for the BS Tourism Management and BS Hospitality Management students. 


The Aviation Students Empowerment Center (ASEC), formerly known as the Meeting Room, is a facility for students who wish to gather together to hold discussions or dialogues.


The air-conditioned Review Center is a facility for yearly review classes for graduates of BS Aeronautical Engineering and BS Avionics Technology courses. This is to prepare PATTS graduates for Government Licensure Examinations and to enhance their professional qualifications as they assume responsive and active roles in the aviation industry in the future.


The newly constructed 4th floor at the west wing of the school building houses the lecture rooms, laboratories and the tool rooms for Aeronautical and Industrial Engineering courses. It also holds the Airframe Shop for AMT and ATC. The east wing, on the other hand, houses the Power Plant for AMT and ATC, as well as the lecture rooms and laboratories for Avionics. Specifically designed for the technical students, this 2000-square meter area serves as a training ground for project-based activities, skills development and hands-on trainings such as safety wiring, aircraft and propeller design, aircraft inspection and servicing, airframe construction and repair and many more.


The air-conditioned, fully stocked College Library located at the third floor is open from 8:00am to 7:00pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Built with “island-type” viewing area, students can easily avail of the library services from any point.


PATTS College makes certain that it also takes care of its students’ well-being. PATTS' Medical and Dental Clinic guarantees that students are well taken care of. It has day beds for students who seek medical attention from the well-trained medical staff. PATTS clinic also includes Physical Therapy sections as added services.


The Guidance and Counseling Office, as part of the OSA, helps students become more self-actualizing and more fully functioning. Hence, it assists them to understand and ultimately handle their developmental, emotional and adjustment needs.


PATTS College has four air-conditioned computer laboratories which serve as venues for learning and enhancing their computer skills. Students work on different software to boost their proficiency in analyzing problems to create functional programs. Moreover, they are also trained to be adept in Computer Aided Design (CAD).


To keep abreast with the rapidly changing technology, PATTS has its own IT Center where the students and faculty can perform researches on the latest developments of various industries through the internet.

The IT Center also serves as the student’s productivity area where they can work on computers and school-related reports and assignments.


Recognized student organizations of PATTS College of Aeronautics are given official areas where they can meet with their members on a regular basis. This place is strategically located at the bridge-way where they have a view of the whole campus.


Built for primary purpose of providing a spacious indoor venue for all sports events, the Gymnasium contains extensive sports and recreational equipment. The Gymnasium’s lower floor houses a well-equipped Body-Building Fitness Unit, a Cardiovascular Room and a convertible area that can be used For Darts, Table Tennis, Aerobics and Karate and other sports related Activities.


The PATTS Bookstore which is conveniently located at the second floor, East Wing, beside the staircase is accessible to all students. And for the students’ convenience, PATTS Bookstore makes the following available: school supplies, textbooks, reference materials, drawing instruments, drawing forms, PE uniforms, NSTP uniforms, test booklets and office supplies.


The air-conditioned Audio Visual Room, located on the third floor, east side of the building is ideal for PowerPoint presentations, conferences, seminars and other fora. It can accommodate an audience of 300 and is equipped with a wide screen and LCD projector.


The Tuscan-inspired chapel is a refuge to students, faculty members and all who seek solitude and seclusion. Aptly located in its elegantly landscaped nook, it serves as the place of worship and meditation to all PATTSEANS.


This spacious Multi-Purpose Hall, also known as the “Chairman’s Penthouse”, is centrally air-conditioned and is equipped with a built-in stage. It is used for banquets, conferences, graduation rehearsals and other social functions.


PATTS College of Aeronautics has two canteens to serve the students, employees, faculty and visitors. Canteen Alpha is located at the ground floor of the Annex Building. Canteen Bravo is at the ground floor of the Sports Gymnasium.