PATTS College of Aeronautics is reputably the country’s number one Aeronautical College today. Founded as a joint enterprise of Filipino and American pioneers in aviation, the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services (PATTS) started operations in 1969. Its primary aim was to establish a manufacturing and assembly plant for trainer aircrafts, which at the time of its founding was a new and pioneering objective as envisioned by its five founding founders. Its secondary aim was to put up an Aeronautical School to meet the domestic and international demands in the fields of aviation and air transportation industry.

At the time of its founding, unfavorable climate prevailed. The founders dropped the first aim and proceeded to the secondary aim, which was organizing and operating an Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance College to provide the best professional and technical training to the youth. Thus, PATTS School of Aeronautics was conformably born. The incorporating directors with experiences in aviation and air transportation pooled their cooperative efforts and started offering Courses such as the one-year Airframe Mechanic, one-year Powerplant Mechanic and two-year Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. On its second year, the school offered the Aeronautical Engineering Degree Course and the two-year Avionics Course. 

Under the excellent stewardship of the Board of Directors, the School continues to serve as a model to the industry.  Due to its higher level of credit and standard, it attained College status in 1989. Gearing its efforts towards total economic upliftment and rapid technological development of the country, along with the government's long-range objective of stimulating national growth and self-reliance, this pioneering Aviation School metamorphosed from a small school to a big and reputable educational institution now known as PATTS College of Aeronautics. From its humble beginnings, the College is now proud of its modern buildings located in a spacious campus with the ambience of an ideal educational institution, complete with facilities conducive to effective teaching and learning processes.  

PATTS College of Aeronautics is now in its new home at Lombos Avenue, San Isidro, Parañaque City since April 2005. 


Emblazoned in the middle of the college emblem is a figure that elicits more than a passing interest from people. The image is etched clearly and faultlessly – it is a SEAHORSE.

To this figure, questions abound. What does a seahorse, a marine creature have to do with an aeronautical institution? The answer is in a founder’s dream of PATTS that is now translated into a legend of what hard work, dedicated instructors and visionary management can do to create a workforce now numbering more than 20,000 and growing all with practical knowledge in technology that has brought them success all over the world.

The seahorse has wings but cannot fly. Students who enroll at PATTS may have the potential to fly but are not able to. Here, they are trained to harness that potential and when they graduate, they are winged to fly and search for their future in the skies.

Like Martin Luther King, PATTS founder Atty. & Engineer Ambrosio R. Valdez Sr. had a vision of the future premised on achievement. “If we can make a seahorse fly, there is no reason why we cannot make anyone or anything else fly."

As PATTS commemorated 50 years of honoring the past, celebrating the present and inspiring the future last May 9, 2019, PATTS family is proud of its new logo as we soar higher towards empowering aviation education.  For more than five decades, PATTS College of Aeronautics has consistently maintained and will continue to uphold its high-caliber standard in producing successful professionals in the aviation field.  Truly, with the institution's tradition of excellence and guiding principles, PATTS is strong enough for another Fifty Years!