1. Information on tuition and other fees may be obtained from the Accounting Office. During this pandemic, all transactions with the Accounting Department may be coursed through email at: accounting@patts.edu.ph.

      2. A deadline is usually set for last day of enrollment. All students are enjoined to abide by this. A late registration fine shall be imposed for late enrollees during face-to-face enrollment. However, late registration fee is waived during this pandemic.

      3. Failure to pay tuition and other fees on or before major examinations allows the students to take the examinations. But student's grades will be withheld. No student shall be issued Transcript of Records and other school related documents and records if he/she has an outstanding financial obligation with PATTS.


      1. Students may opt to pay in check for tuition fees after signing a Personal Undertaking.

      2. Student should make sure that said check has funds when transacted in the concerned bank.

      3. In case of a bouncing check, the student will be required to pay the cash equivalent stated on the check and an additional fine aside from the bank charges. Moreover, the student’s name will be listed in the 201 file of the Guidance Office and will no longer be allowed to pay in check in his future enrollment or settlement of tuition fee balances.


It is assumed that once a student is enrolled in PATTS, his intention is to complete his studies for a whole semester. Once a student has been accepted, he contributes to the student enrollment limit. Whenever a student withdraws during the semester, the College losses the opportunity to accept additional bonafide enrollees.

Therefore, students withdrawing after the second (2nd) week of classes shall be charged the tuition fees for the entire semester. No school records will be released unless tuition fees and other outstanding accounts are paid.

The following rules will govern the refund of fees to a student who officially drops his subjects, whether he has attended classes or not (per CHED Manual of Regulations).

*Note: “Within the First week of Classes” means the week when classes started regardless of the number of days that passed (i.e. if classes begin on a Wednesday, the 1st week of classes will end on the Saturday of the same week): “Within the 2nd week” means the week following the 1st week of classes. New students who request cancellation of enrollment may claim their submitted documents at the Registrar’s Office after their request has been approved.

Any student who fails to comply with any or all of the above rules shall lose his right to a refund of fees or credit to his account. No school records or document requested will be released to the student unless outstanding accounts are settled.



Fill-up this online form for cancellation of enrollment: CANCELLATION OF ENROLLMENT and wait for the approval from the Registrar's Office.

*Note: Change of Matriculation can be viewed on the Dashboard of the student portal under Guides.