The academic integrity of PATTS College of Aeronautics is the cornerstone of its intellectual community and the institution will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty. All academic work should result from an individual’s own efforts.

Intellectual contributions from others must be consistently and responsibly acknowledged and evaluated.  Academic work completed in any other way is fraudulent. Infractions will be appropriately penalized; students should understand that suspension or expulsion/exclusion from the College is a possible result. This policy will apply to each academic program offered. 


Students who enrolled in PATTS are classified as freshmen, transferees or second course-takers, cross enrollees, returning students, foreign students and officially dropped students. Student records are stored in file jackets and are arranged in alphabetical order. These may also be referred to as Student’s Permanent File. Each individual file jackets contains all documents related to each student’s acceptance, academic performance, accomplishments and transfer credentials. 


Three periodic examinations are given every semester: the Preliminary, Midterm and Final Examinations.  During summer classes, there will only be Midterm and Final Examinations. The schedule for the examinations are programmed in the Calendar of Activities (CA) for the School Year as prepared by the Office of Student Affairs. Students must secure examination permits before actual schedule of examinations. 

If a student cannot have his validated permit due to inability to pay his accounts on or before the examination dates, the said student may apply for a completion exam – schedule of which is also provided in the Calendar of Activities (CA) posted in the Bulletin Board.

Note that for Online Classes, issuance of test permits does not apply.  



3.5 / 4.0 - Conditional GradesFA - Failure due to AbsencesWP - Withdrawn with PermissionINC - Failure to take Periodical Exam

Subject Grades are converted as follows: 



1. Any student who has not passed or earned credit in 51-100 percent of his approved study load during the previous semester may not be eligible for enrollment in the following semester; if allowed, he must be placed on academic probation.

2. Probation may be lifted by earning required credits in all of the subjects enrolled in.

3. Any student who is dropped from one department shall not be admitted to another department of PATTS College; however, the VP for Academic Affairs may decide if the student’s natural aptitude and interest may qualify him to enroll in another department.


A student may petition not to enroll for a specific semester/s by filing a Leave of Absence (LOA). A student who is on LOA is not allowed to enroll in any other degree program in any school. 

Procedures for LOA Application:

1. Secure application for Leave of Absence from the Registrar’s Office;

2. Fill-up the said application form duly noted by the Course Chairperson;

3. Submit accomplished form to the Registrar’s Office.

*During this pandemic, filing of LOA is done online. Student must fill-up the online form via the LEAVE OF ABSENCE FORM.



1. Regular and punctual attendance in all classes is required of all students.

2. A student who leaves the classroom and fails to return for the rest of the period will be marked absent. A student should always ask permission from the instructor to leave the room.

3. In case of absence(s), a re-admission slip from the Office of Academic Affairs must be secured before a student may be admitted to class again. 

*Medical certificates validated by the College Physician should be accepted; Instructors should excuse the students from being absent. 

4. No student is allowed to attend class if his/her name is not included in the final class list or if the subject does not appear in the Certificate of Enrollment.