To become the Center of Excellence in Aviation Education

In order to attain this vision, PATTS College has strengthened its faculty thru its competency-based training, including research and development programs, streamlined its curricula to be responsive and relevant to the needs of the industry and has painstakingly invested in a new campus that would offer the best in facilities. 

To provide quality Aviation Education and to assist our graduates in the labor market

In order to achieve its mission, PATTS College employs experienced instructors and practitioners from the industry to intensify its academe-industry linkages, and broaden its On-the-Job Training and Placement Program. 


PATTS College aims not only to provide the students with knowledge and skills necessary for the pursuit of a career, but also to convert them into truly well-rounded and cultured individuals. In pursuit of this, PATTS has come up with the following objectives:

1.  To provide the most complete professional and technical training in all phases of modern aviation.

2. To nurture students to become proficient, morally responsible and effective communicators in all aspects of learning.

3. To meet the domestic and international manpower demands in the multi-modal transport, and hospitality management industries.

4. To develop individuals who are always ready to share their abilities, resources, trainings and learnings in the service of the community and development of the country.


PATTS College of Aeronautics will always remain steadfast in its institutional core values:


Patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country. For us, PATTSeans, this love and devotion provide us the motivation to constantly improve ourselves to become globally competitive. This is our way of assisting our nation by sharing our capabilities and resources.


We try our best to be proficient or skilled in our assigned tasks. Being adept means that we make the best of what we know in the very best way we can. We continuously strive for excellence in the performance of our duties and responsibilities, whether the tasks be great or small.


Trust is imperative to all PATTSeans – A breach of trust can leave a permanent scar. The main determinant of trust is reliability and PATTSeans are persons who can be relied on with certainty. We are all aware that a standard exist in PATTS for what is obligatory and what is right.


“Thoroughness in all we do”, is not just a slogan but a first-line core value for every PATTSean. It serves as a reminder for the other four core values of the College. It sets the standard of doing what should be done using the most exhaustive means and doing the job with the greatest care and attention.


Service is the giving of oneself for the welfare of others. We believe that the word “service” is synonymous to stewardship. We look at ourselves as stewards who are assigned the responsibility of helping the college with integrity and commitment. It means being durable while performing our duties even under difficult situations.