December 20, 2022


Journey to Top 6

Engr. Mendrev Vinoya

Seven Years Old – What can you do at such a tender age where your knees still tremble when you get scolded, and your skin can still be rashed so easily by an insect bite? Dreaming, playing, or both? Well, Engr. Mendrev Vinoya, who was once a young dreamer and a gamer, got the sixth highest placement with an average score of 88.95% in the recently concluded Aeronautical Engineering Board Exam held last December 14-16, 2022.  

Playing with water in the tub, playing with toy guns, and getting addicted to video games are just some things every kid lives for. Looking back, he gladly talked about how he started his dreams - it was when he was so invested in playing Ace Combat and Energy Airforce that the games highlighted a glimpse of the power the world of aviation holds. Since then, whenever he would get asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He would always reply, “I want to become a Pilot. I want to become an Aeronautical Engineer.” These are statements that he gripped hard in his hand, words that he never wanted to let go.

The journey of this top-notch engineer was not exactly setting any speed records on his way to the top-–his speed needed to be consistent, but he knew his maximum range and his destination. Like any other student, he humbly labeled himself as average during his college days. He even disclosed his grades, "[...] I almost failed in Differential Equations and some other subjects." But deeply, he knew that failure would always be a part of everyone's flight in life. 

Amid online classes, the wind would always whisper to his ears not to finish his studies, which would always leave him sulking in the dark — wondering whether he had made the right choices. But his family fueled him with the motivations he needed, reminding him of the little boy who used to have a jar of dreams. "Go with the flow," he said as he sensed that everyone was also having a hard time learning, and so he took that opportunity to be someone who could still ace college despite the world's status quo. Indeed, dreaming can take so long, and it can be exhausting, but once you have achieved what you have desired, all those years that you have spent and dealt with every bluster will always feel like, "Oh, I thought it was just yesterday."

His journey in sealing the sixth spot with the highest scores amongst all the 143 examinees was not as easy as snapping your fingers or wishing for a Genie. He tried studying eight hours per day, learned a lot of formulas, and read many self-help books, especially when feeling down. Throughout his flight, he internalized the notion of “Fixed-mindset vs. Growth Mindset.” He chose not to put any boundaries to improve himself; he is gradually growing, personally and professionally. 

Dreaming does not stop despite reaching the top of a mountain. As they say, “The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next.” Until today, he has never stopped hoping for the stars, including a business career. He still wants to climb the ladder highlighting, “[...] it’s more efficient to achieve your goals when taking things one step at a time.” Truly, everyone has to take the first step, even without seeing the whole staircase, as long as you know where you are bound to. 

Like how he described himself as an average student, he said, "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard," taking it from Tim Notke. He was not born intelligent; he chose to be innovative, and that has been proven on the battlefield where papers were the armors and pens were treated as guns and bullets. Just like that, he won and ranked sixth!

Congratulations, Engr. Mendrev Vinoya!