May 25-27, 2022


I am TouResilient 2.0: Unleashing New Tourism Skills and Competence

Release the adroit!

Festive, blitheful, and lively—that is how the BS Tourism Management students celebrated THM WEEK 2022 entitled, "I am TouResilient 2.0: Unleashing New Tourism Skills and Competence". Led by the PATTS Tourism Society (PTS) headed by Mr. Ryan Villanueva (Project Head and PTS Business Manager) and held at the learning grounds of PATTS College of Aeronautics, this gathering was streamed live via Facebook Livestream and Zoom Meeting on May 25-27, 2022.

A fun-filled three-day event showcasing diversity and abilities fueled everyone, creating a very festive atmosphere. "[..] there will be something different this year," said Ms. Jemalyn Dioso, Event Host, who teased everyone on the first day of the event. The whole tourism community proved her statement right with their daring and artistic tribe introductions. With six (6) tribes namely: Bicolano, Ilocano, Lumad, Tagalog, Tagbanua, and Visayan, the students were divided by different tribes yet united by one goal: to build a solid connection among freshmen and seniors and push them to go beyond their limits. First year tourism students, in their first culminating activity, did not fail to set the bar high for everyone with their different attacks on presenting the 10 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines. The second year students stepped up their game and showcased their editing and acting skills in their Marketing Commercial activity. The third year students did not back down from the challenge, proudly displaying their creative and one-of-a-kind Digital Newspaper, which concluded Day 1 with their presentation of their Case Study Analysis.

Hidden talents were not so hidden anymore as Day 2 kicked off with tribes and their representatives' serenading everyone and letting their voices fill the air in the THM Voice Competition. With the sound still resonating in everyone's ears, the event goes on, painting screens with various colors in the Digital Poster Making Contest. Moving on with the event with eyes that are still full of shades, the participants from the different tribes took everyone to various places in the Virtual Tour Guiding Competition. After virtually moving from one place to another as the final activity for Day 2, everyone felt like they actually boarded a plane during the Flight Announcement Competition.

"Ganda" and "Galing" were already showcased and highlighted during Day 1 and Day 2 of the event. On the last day, tourism students were bound to prove that they can conquer the battleground of the minds, proving that they have what it takes to be worthy of the title "Talino". Tribes’ representatives went head-to-head in the Quiz Bee Competition but only one raised to the top.

The event's most anticipated part went on - the awarding ceremony. Efforts, hard work, and sleepless nights finally paid off and were recognized with the awarding of certificates to the winners. Six tribes and one crown, each tribe gave their all but only one persevered. Tagbanua Tribe claimed the throne and was hailed as the overall Champion of THM Week 2022. The event did not end there! Not yet, as the awarding of certificates to the new sets of officers for Academic Year 2022–2023 followed. Tears flowed and hearts were touched with a tribute video made by their junior fellow tourism students. As the event came to an end, Mr. John Ericson A. Policarpio, MBA (BS TM Chairperson), extended his congratulatory message to the PATTS Tourism Society and to everyone who joined and participated in the event. "I just want to congratulate all of the first years, second years, third years, and most especially our graduating class of 2022. Thank you for participating. Thank you for supporting the event," said Mr. Policarpio as he formally ended the week-long event.

Awarding of the Certificate to the Champion: Tagbanua Tribe.