September 2-3, 2022


Unleashing the Flair

Creative minds with a purpose gathered together and presented their academic papers on September 2-3, 2022. The Tourism Knowledge Center by Rajah Travel Corporation (RTC) initiated a two-day Research Training Seminar, with an opportunity for Paper Presentation as well. It was led by Ms. Aileen C. Clemente (RTC Chairman and President), Ms. Jenny L. Gapuz (Asst. General Manager, Rajah Tourism Knowledge Center), Ms. Kitkat D. Pascual (Research Specialist, Rajah Tourism Knowledge Center), and Ms. Chary B. Tolentino (Research Assistant, Rajah Tourism Knowledge Center) via Zoom.

The purpose of the event was to unleash the research potential among the participants and contribute ideas that are worthy to the tourism industry. A variety of research topics were presented, which mainly focused on the changes that happened to businesses around the Philippines during the peak of the pandemic. Ms. Driselle Pajuyo from Far Eastern University - Manila presented her research topic entitled, "Pandec Restaurant Management Adaptation and Innovation: The Case of Casual Dining Restaurants in Metro Manila. She focused on discussing the direct impact of sudden health protocols on consumers and business owners. Ms. Janin Arnaldo and Mr. Danilo Balaysoche from the Lyceum of the Philippines University of Manila presented a Paper on "Community Engagement in the Developing Green Tourism Corridor: Interest And Insights." The TKC Review Committee Panels: Dr. Ma. Christina G. Aquino, Mr. Rolando Cañizal, Prof. Michael Joseph Diño, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT, Dr. John Paolo R. Rivera, and Dr. Maria Cherry S. Rodolfo evaluated the participants’ papers and gave their pieces of advice and suggestions.

Knowledge, ideas, and creativity were showcased during the event but even the most astonishing event has to come to an end. Ms. Aileen C. Clemente (Chairman and President, Rajah Travel Corporation) brought the event to a close.

Learning opportunities like this are, indeed, beneficial especially to PATTSeans - a research training does not only allow students to pursue their interests and learn something new, it also develops their problem-solving skills in order to contribute to the society in the future.