October 08, 2022


The Inceptum: Dia de Los Aeros

Guest Artist “Conyo Boy” Jico Umali entertained the crowd with his singing performance

COFFEE — One word, composed of six letters. Everything started when Mr. Jhon Albert Piawan (Project Head) had a sip of coffee while sitting on the couch conceptualizing this year's AERO General Assembly, “The Inceptum: Dia de Los Aeros”. This is meant to evoke the Mexican celebration of Dia de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. On October 8th, 2022, at precisely 2:00 P.M., the Aces, wearing creative garb, frayed and lightened up the venue. College Officials were also in attendance namely Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs), Engr. Denis S. Desolo, MEAM (BS Aeronautical Engineering Chairperson), Program Instructors, and the AERO Advisers.

Getting the ball rolling, Mr. Jairus Chanri I. Gardose (AERO President) had his opening remarks and presented the objectives. Despite the stress he was dealing with at that time, he managed to exude an air of confidence and command the audience's attention. After which, AERO's core, Engr. Desolo spoke warmly to the crowd by mingling his humor and wisdom. He posited, “This might be the first time for some, but I hope this won’t be the last time you attend our events.” Before he reclined in his chair, he reminded everyone to just enjoy the event and make the best memories.

Engr. Jeremy Mar S. Francisco (Guest Speaker), then took over the stage for his inspirational message. He was once an AERO President, now an A320 Technical Pilot - Flight Operations Technical and Development. He talked about his life in the four corners of the classroom and his experiences in the world of aviation. In the midst of his speech, he divulged, “Before I took up BS Aeronautical Engineering, I took up [...], thinking that I would be a pilot in a snap.” But life truly is a crossroad of choices, and thus, he ended up choosing the path that brought him to his destination.

AERO has been known as the melting pot of talents; thus, they had a MusikAERO, which was battled by Faye Caspe, Ervin Miguel Rodriguez, Raphael Jyuan Anyayahan, and Krista Erine Versace Meriales. After tabulating the scores from the judges and Facebook likes, Raphael Jyuan Anyayahan was hailed as the Champion and the Aces’ Choice Award. Right after the contest, everyone had their dinner for 30 minutes while listening to the soothing voices of the Program Instructors.

The night won’t be complete without the most awaited segment, the Mr. and Ms. AERO 2022. Mycka Jiemel Villamor, Adrian Calo-oy, Celene Joyce Rebato, Michael Collado, Nicole Andreia Moratillo, Evan Allan A. Villanueva, Arienne De Guzman, and Jose Carlo Ignacio battled their way up to the crown. For Best in Costume, Celene Joyce B. Rebato and Michael Collado won the title. Also, Adrian Calo-oy and Nicole Andreia Moratillo clenched the Aces’ Choice Award. After an arduous journey, Michael Collado and Nicole Andreia Moratillo have triumphantly ascended to the thrones of Mr. and Ms. AERO 2022.

Providing everyone’s last dose of joy and nostalgia for the evening, Jico Umali (Guest Artist), known as Jiconyo, ablaze the stage. Despite being known only as a comedian, the attendees were aroused, captivated, and rejuvenated when he started singing. Indeed, a night worth remembering because who would have thought that he has been keeping this talent under the shell?

The 5-long-hour festivities finally came to a verge, and the recognition of winners was led by the moderators. But before leaping to the end, there was a Prelude Enkindling Ceremony that symbolizes a new beginning. To formally close the event, Jhon Albert Piawan thanked everyone because, after all the sleepless nights, everything he envisioned went smoothly. During the last part of his speech, he said “In inceptum finis est; the end is in the beginning, so, let this event be the symbol of a new beginning of hope. One Team. One Heart. One Pride. AERO!”