May 1, 2022


The Gear Awards Ceremony

Rotaract Club of Parañaque Poblacion - PATTS’ Bronze Distinction Award

It was Labor Day 2022 when another milestone of the Rotaract Club of Parañaque Poblacion - PATTS was reached. The Gear Awards ceremony started around 5:30 pm up to 9:00 pm at the Heritage Hotel in Pasay City where Mr. John Philip Destao, now an Immediate Past President (IPP), is scheduled to receive an award. Mr. John Lolek B. Morfe, the organization's newly elected President, was also in attendance.

Mr. Destao was initially hesitant to accept an award after submitting the activity forms of his previous event entitled, "One Vote Can RAC the Boat" – with Ms. Samira Gutoc as the guest speaker. This event aimed to encourage everyone in the right age to register in this year's polls and equip the audience with the proper knowledge that making one’s vote count is a privilege. The said event was the organization’s highlight since it became a platform for the participants to know the qualifications of righteous candidates. When the days turned into months, Mr. Destao did not expect to get an email informing him that his previous webinar had won an award. From that moment, he then realized that a spark of success was waiting to be ignited in order for the organization to do more.

Shining-shimmering lights, applause, and joy were seen from different faces that filled the hall as it followed a tradition in the Rotary and Rotaract - the Awards’ Night commenced with a Four-Way Test-like and Bell Ringing. The Rotary and Rotaract Club sponsors and executives also sent encouraging messages to Mr. Destao and Mr. Morfe. When Mr. Destao's name was called, an usherette accompanied him to the podium where he accepted his medal. Seen through his face was a smile beyond comparison that the Rotaract Club of Parañaque Poblacion - PATTS has been waiting for.

A sense of camaraderie filled the hall as Rotaractors enjoyed their meal before the second part of the event started. When all awards have been rewarded, the Chairperson of Pilipinas Rotaract Multi-District Information Organization, MDIO Chair Atty. Manuel Joseph Franco gave his closing remarks that ignited the spirit of volunteerism. Spitting his wisdom, the youth was much more enlightened to do more with socio-civic activities, and was inspired to be the catalyst of change to serve the Filipino people. Harinawa Padayon Rotaract.