June 23-25, 2022


The Blazing Light Of The Aeronauts

The band, Any Name’s Okay, made the whole AERO community roar and applaud from their seats when they sang their self-composed songs

On June 23 to 25, 2022, PATTS' Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization (AERO) celebrated its 35th Founding Anniversary with a 3-day event entitled, "Thirty-Five: A Quintessential AERO Adventure." The Aeronautical Engineering Department once again established how great they are by boldly executing the first face-to-face event of PATTS since the pandemic era.

AERO welcomed the Aero community, their professors and alumni. Then, they showed a glimpse of the program rundown and the amazing events that await all of them. The first day was already a blast because of "AERO MUSEO," an online museum that made the students feel like they were in a real museum, learning, and seeing real historic models and information as they wandered around digitally. Another blast from the first day was also the release of AERO Clothing Designs that featured the 35th Anniversary of the organization, making the event more stylish.

If you think the first day was bracing, the second day would make you change your mind. AERO conducted an online event called "AEROCHELLA", which is composed of two segments. The first was the beautiful music festival, where BS AeroE students from different year levels performed a musical piece and got the audience pumped up for another awesome Aero Day. The second segment featured an inspirational talk with Engr. Ephraim M. Acosta (Defect Analysis Engineer at Cebu Pacific Air). He shared his journey to where he is now with both new and old aeronautical engineering students. Mr. Kim Bernard Allan G. Semira (Technical Training Instructor at Cebu Pacific Air) is another alumnus, who shared useful information to help students manage their time and still enjoy what they do.

The "AERO GLIDER COMPETITION" then took place after the Aerochella. Innovative students built their gliders, and were evaluated and tested by the judges. The event was hosted by Ms. Marion Dalisay and Mr. Christian Altair, who also guided the contestants on how they should execute their work in the simulations. Mr. Keith Ryan Estoria placed third place, Mr. Ronie Joshua Mier Mabuti placed second and Mr. Juwan Franco B. Fontarum bagged the first place.

Finally, the greatest event of the day was the first face-to-face celebration of the AERO entitled, “AERO EPILOGUE”. After two years of online celebrations, the BS AeroE Department has finally gotten to celebrate its anniversary onsite.

The light of the AERO shone brighter than before. WIth its new members who passed the QEE, they all gathered in The Chairman's Penthouse to once again establish the might of the PATTS’ Aeronautical Engineering Program. Without further ado, the fun started with the “Aero Feud”, wherein students teamed up with their Instructors for the game. At lunch time, the Aero Instructors sang songs for the students and even led an open jam session with them. This continued until the guest band, Any Name's Okay, walked up the stage and sang original songs of different themes, which made the audience cheer for more. A rising soloist, Ace Banzuelo, also performed his original songs and left the audience astonished by his vocals.

Mr. Reynard Josh Dizon received the Fashionable Award for Men, and Ms. Eunice Zeke Kylle Ong received the Fashionable Award for Women. The AERO also congratulated the Aeronauts for winning the Aero League Volleyball Championship.

To move on with the program, the participants were engaged in a “Bring Me” game for a chance to win cash prizes. Then, everyone was thrilled when the prize was announced for the Grand Raffle Draw - a 30-minute flight with a Licensed Instructor - and the winner who will ride in the backseat is none other than Mr. Luke Licanda (a 4th student)

Indeed, the AERO continues to grow. Much respect and congratulations were given to its new members who passed the first on-site QEE. New members were also recognized on stage for their hard work in acing the battery exam. To conclude the event, Mr. Angelino Baluyut (Project Head) gave his thanks to everyone who enjoyed his direction of AERO’s 35th year celebration. Engr. Denis S. Desolo, MEAM (BS AeroE Program Chairperson), together with alumni guests: Engr. Brixvon P. Cruz (PATTS SOCI and Student Affairs Officer), Engr. Juan Rafael Piano (BS AeroE Instructor), and Mr. Tedd Edward Maranan (Former AERO President) honored the organization through a toast. At this point, cheers were heavy as the 3-part event ended AERO’s 35th Anniversary.