March 09, 2022


Understanding Psychological First Aid

If there is not one single thought that can comfort you in your quietest, darkest nights, let it be this — one day, you will look back at this time, and all you will see is magic. Keep going, even when you doubt whether you have what it takes to make it through another day. You have had that thought before and you were wrong.

Handling mental health advocates and facilitators in different organizations since 2012, Ms. Ma Honey Belle B. Vicencio, LPT, RGC, shared her knowledge in an hour-long talk that was facilitated by the Guidace, Counseling, and Testing Unit (GCTU) during the 9th day of March 2022 via their official Facebook page.

Discussing what is psychological first aid, a humane and supportive response to each PATTSean is the goal of PPF that no student shall be left unheard. She stressed that first-line psychosocial support for people affected by the crisis should be practical care. Good communication is one of the best things you can offer for a person in order to be heard.

After another successful mental health event, proving you are capable of making it through the unimaginable, you will eventually surprise yourself then, and you are going to surprise yourself again. You are going to keep moving forward, one small step at a time.

“Sometimes you just have to listen.” as told by Ms. Ma Honey Belle B. Vicencio, LPT, RGC, last March 9, 2022 on the “Talk, Listen, Comfort: Understanding Psychological First Aid” webinar