October 10, 2022


SPORTSFEST 2022: The Odyssey Beyond Compass

After two years of deep slumber, the atmosphere of the PATTS Gymnasium returned to life as it was filled with a galaxy of colors and spectacles for this year’s Sportsfest: The Odyssey Beyond Compass.

Evident in the students' superb dynamism, energy, and excitement, it seemed as though everyone's thirst for such an exhilarating and thrilling event had been finally quenched. The deafening silence that had prevailed throughout the gymnasium was suddenly broken up by screams of incontestable elation and unbridled enthusiasm. The serene place then transformed into a space that was overrun with a spectrum of brilliant colors and wonderful performances. On this particular side of the universe, dread and uncertainty brought by the impending health crisis have been replaced with happiness and glee.

The Sportfest was really a clash of prowess and test of grit. Fans of various sports teams demonstrated nothing more than their strength and determination in order to hoist their team’s flag and bring pride to their respective department. Everyone wants to reign supreme in the sports arena. Everyone desires to clinch the most coveted laurels and be hailed as the brightest and shiniest star in the cosmos.

The Opening Program started with an invocation by Mr. Gerardo C. Navarro (Physical Education Department Head and PATTS Faculty Association President) to pay homage to the most supreme and to express everyone’s boundless gratitude to God the Almighty Father — for the opportunity to experience such an event in a world that did not seem to have returned to its natural and normal state. A multitude of dazzling performances breathed new life into the stage, which in turn stoked the excitement of the audience. This was then followed by the procession of the tribes, which actually filled the whole gymnasium with their presence. The unbreakable will of a true sports fanatic is mirrored in their actions. Their body reflects the formidable strength and tenacity that are characteristics of a sports legend.

The event was made more significant and special because of the presence of the Philippine Super League Commissioner, and the Guest of Honor for this year’s Sportsfest, Mr. Jean Marc “Pinoy Sakuragi” Pingris Jr., who has shared his life-changing experiences. From his humble beginnings in Pozorrubio, Pangasinan as a ‘batang palengke’ to the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) sports stardom, he honored his mother for the unending love and support he received throughout his bittersweet ups and downs in life. Mr. Pingris is a concrete testament that in life, success is a product of one’s burning desire intertwined with consistent diligence and persistence to turn an impossible dream into a pulsating reality.

Candidates for Miss Sportsfest 2022 then took the stage dressed in intergalactic themed costumes. As they walked down the runway, they showcased their alluring beauty and confidence, making the crowd jittery and bewitching the board of judges. Each candidate had done her best, and it was a difficult decision for Mr. Alvin Torres, Mr. Edy Jose Ponceja, Mr. Marlon Bolabola, Dr. Rosemarie Llamas, and Mrs. Ma. Theresa Cruz (Chairman of the Board of Judges) to determine who was worthy of the crown. Five awards were given to the candidates to recognize their efforts — People’s Choice Award, Best in Intergalactic Costume, Ms. Sportfest 2nd Runner-Up, Ms. Sportfest 1st Runner-Up, and the most coveted Ms. Sportsfest 2022 crown. Board Trustees Ms. Josefina D. Fresnido, Mr. Ramon B. Dumlao Jr., Dr. Ana Mercedes Q. Gatmaytan, and Atty. Anna Katrina V. Cruz (VP of Administrative Affairs), together with Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO) and of course, PATTS Chairman and Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Ma. Felisa S. Valdez also took part to present the awards to the winners and witness another milestone for PATTS College of Aeronautics.

In spite of the fact that the students' enthusiasm was still palpable, Mr. Benjamin V. Hernandez Jr. (Athletics Director) delivered a short speech that echoed throughout the gymnasium, commencing the opening of Sportsfest 2022. And to finally wrap all things up, Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO) and Mr. Jean Marc “Pinoy Sakuragi” Pingris Jr. (Pilipinas Super League Commissioner and Guest of Honor) led the Ceremonial Ball Toss together with the Team Captains.

This journey would not be possible without the people who were the driving forces of this odyssey beyond compass: The PATTS Athletics Department, PATTS Student Council, PATTS NSTP-ROTC, PATTS Royal Cavalry, PATTS Vocal Harmony, PATTS Dance Company, PATTS Elite Gamers Association, PATTS Seahorse Network, and PATTS Aviation Leaders - all exemplified nothing but their exceptional talents and efforts, which ultimately won the hearts of the PATTS Community.

After all the grueling challenges that we have had to go through because of this pandemic, and considering that this journey was the most tragic chapter in the annals of human history, no one could have ever imagined that the galaxy would become black and devoid of life. Now, little by little, a ray of light in this odyssey is becoming visible - one that will withstand the test of time, endure the adversities, and propel us to a vast range of opportunities in this uncharted horizon.