March 17, 2023


SHS Field Demonstration 2023

SHS Field Demonstration 2023 Champion, Section Wright in their dance performance

The entire PATTS Gymnasium was jampacked with euphoria last March 17, 2023 as the Senior High School Department convened their 7th Field Demonstration in celebration of Salipawpaw 2023: Moving 54ward. Hosts, Mr. Klive Luis Feliciano (Grade 12 - Lilienthal) and Ms. Mary Gabrielle Pateña (Grade 12 - Earhart) formally started the program by inviting Dr. Catherine M. Camposano (SHS Principal) for her opening remarks.

Out of seven sections of the SHS department, Wright emerged as victors when they performed their remixed K-POP music paired up with their astonishing black and neon pink light outfits. Dance Choreographer and Student of Section Wright, Maria Ysabel Santos, shared, “First of all, we want to thank God and also our adviser (Mr. Virgilio Dolina).  We feel so happy and fortunate enough to be the champion in the program […]. We feel so blessed in winning this field demonstration.”  According to her, despite the lack of preparation time due to the transport strike, they gave their complete hard work and dedication in this event to show the  greatest performance they have in hand. 

She added that they practiced every day to make the dance smooth and appealing to the audience. She also expressed how they enjoyed spending valuable time with their classmates during the preparation. Despite the hectic schedule, they made time each day to practice and improve their performance. Even though it was a difficult time for them, they made sure to have fun while doing it. 

John Jedric Ang (Section Airbus) and Fiona Javen (Section Cayley) won the Best Male and Female Dancers. Section Cayley won 2nd Runner Up and Section Boeing won the award for Best in Costume. 

In the photo: Judges of the PATTS SHS Field Demonstration 2023