November 19, 2022


AMT-ATC General Assembly

The PATTS Open Volleyball Court breathed life as it was filled with students wearing "Retro Rock Outfit" during the AMT-ATC General Assembly entitled, “Rocking Champions” on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

It was initially scheduled to take place on November 19, but was postponed so that students from the BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology (BS AMT) and Aircraft Technician Course (ATC), as well as interested students from other programs would have more time to get their hands on the tickets.

Gates and walk-in registrations began at 1 p.m. As students arrived, raffle prizes were drawn. Items that were given away include a 22 oz. Aqua Flask, a Redragon Mechanical Keyboard, and a Dragon War Gaming Chair.

Engr. Jabes A. Isoli (BS AMT Chairperson) conveyed an uplifting message that was shown on the LED screen. Similarly, Mr. Mark M. Magango (ATC Chairperson) gave a few words of wisdom and encouraged everybody to enjoy the program.

A competition amongst students was also part of the general assembly. Mechanikazee, Puppet Maniac, Angle of Attack, Piston Headset, and Turbina all demonstrated their music abilities that shook the stage and filled the court with screams of irresistible excitement and tremendous joy from the students. Guest bands such as Hey June!, Written by the Stars, Lunar Lights, Miss Ramone, Gracenote, and Magnus Haven also took the stage to rock the lives of the attendees.


Truly, without the joint efforts of the BS AMT, ATC, and the other organizers, this gathering would not be possible.