October 07-15, 2023


Fly Higher, Be a Ringmaster!

Soaring since its establishment, PATTS' Alliance of Aeromodelers and Flyers (ALM) once again represented the Philippines in the Annual Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon 2023 last October 07 to 15, 2023. As the first Aircraft Control Line School Organization in the Philippines, they filled the Barradas Airstrip in Tanauan, Batangas City, with their dedication of lifting the country as the institution aimed to become record-holders. 

While enjoying the experience of flying aircraft within the center of the ring, the Seahorses set a record for the most number of flights, conducting a total of 220 flights. Showcasing the skills they developed for months, they showed their mastery to something they love as they effortlessly kept the aircraft in its most stable flight.

Competing simultaneously worldwide, the experienced and knowledgeable ALM representatives effortlessly kept the aircraft in its most stable flight.

Mr. Obi Mapua (Founder - Control Line Flying Philippines) was present to guide his trainees in achieving a better approach to controlling the aircraft with passion. From electric aircraft to gasoline-powered ones, the Seahorse flyers achieved a milestone by surpassing the previous record of 107 flights set by Control Line Philippines, yet, they are still aiming for higher peaks.

ALM has accomplished a great deal by breaking a record, which is a crucial turning point in their history as the forerunners of indoor control line flying. The heavy burden of setting standards and acting as role models for aspiring control line flyers comes with being the pioneers in their area. Notwithstanding the difficulties, their unwavering spirit triumphed, making a lasting impression and setting a respectable standard for excellence in their industry. 

This learning experience is surely a tale of passion, devotion, and the unwavering quest of flight perfection rather than just a record-breaking expedition. The sky is not the limit for them as they soar to greater heights; rather, it is a blank piece of paper for their infinite ambitions.