February 27, 2022


PATTS’ ABASOC Participates in a Nationwide Event!

A webinar organized by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association (PJMA), “The Juan Big Idea Nationwide: The Great Reset of Innovative Trends in the New Millennium” aired live on a private Facebook group witnessed by more than 5,000 attendees to celebrate marketing and business unity, innovation, and great expeditions across generations.

BS ABA and the whole ABASOC bridged the gap of the experiences that should have been taken personally through events like this,” a statement from Ms. Francesca Nichole Vergara (ABASOC Assistant Secretary) regarding her experience at the event.

Pumping enthusiasm was Mr. Nico Locco, an International Actor and the event’s host, together with the VP for Chapters of the PJMA, Mr. Gabriel Dulay who delivered the opening remarks.

Mr. Sean Si was the event’s Keynote Speaker who emphasized the importance of faith, guts, and hard work factors that made him a CEO at age 22. “You have to work hard for what you like in life,” he said during his inspiring talk.

Lo and behold, the guest speakers and giants of the industry: Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim, Mr. RJ Ledesma, Mr. Chris Manguera, and Ms. Ayn Bernos each delivered discussions that gave a glimpse of life as a marketer in their lenses.

Topics such as “Establishing a Successful Career in Sales”, “Startups Redefining Marketers’ Opportunity”, “Bridging the Relevant Gap in the Current Digital Climate”, and “Marketing Yourself Through Confidence”, were tackled by each speaker, respectively.

According to another ABASOC member in the event who also happened to be the Chairperson for Creatives of the PJMA, Mr. Christian Rebenque defined his experience saying: “[the webinar] struck us to always innovate your experience into knowledge no matter what the difficulties may occur”.

In between the events were performances from renowned artists, KIYO (OPM Rapper) and The Juans (Filipino Rock Band), who blew the roof of the webinar with their serenades and vibe. The 3-hour insightful event was finally concluded by the VP for Finance of the PJMA, Mr. Nicole John Tan.