March 17, 2023


Fiesta, Pilipinas! A Showcase of PATTSean Talents and Expertise

A spectacular dance performance by the PATTS Dance Company

Atypical. Powerful. Skilled. Thrilling. These words describe our very own Patsinos who showcased their talents in the PATTSikatan 2023, in line with PATTS’ 54th Foundation Day Celebration last March 17, 2023 at the PATTS Gymnasium.

True to its theme, "Fiesta, Pilipinas!" featured Original Pinoy Music (OPM) hits embedded in the different dance and band performances. It presented a line-up of top-notch production by some of the most talented students from various programs. Hosted by Mr. Francis Yestin Cauyan and Ms. Lorelei Flamenia of the PATTS Seahorse Network, the whole event was high-spirited and truly entertaining for the audience.

The show started with spectacular opening performances by the PATTS Royal Cavalry, PATTS Dance Company, and PATTS Vocal Harmony. The crowd was treated to a magnificent display of skills, precision, and synchronization that set the tone for the rest of the event. SORA representing the Aircraft Technician Course was the first band to perform, shaking the stage with their electrifying rock renditions of some of the most popular OPM songs, setting the bar high for the rest of the performers. The PATTS Dance Company again took center stage with its exceptional dance performance, leaving the audience in awe.

Another impeccable musical talent and unique sound was presented by the JADE band from the BS Avionics Technology Department, where they serenaded the crowd with sweet rock songs. The Vocal Face-off from the PATTS Vocal Harmony was also a highlight to be remembered. Everyone was treated to a musical battle by some of the most talented vocalists in the school who did not hesitate to showcase their range and vocal prowess.

Cheers went high and screams grew louder as the PistonHeads from the BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology Department took the stage by storm with their heavy metal rock performance, setting the audience on fire. Further setting the stage to ignition, the A-Force and Avionics Dance Circuit delivered dance performances that were nothing short of phenomenal. Their high-energy performance and perfect synchronization left the audience cheering for more.

The event was a roaring success with participants performing their best, leaving the audience entertained and inspired. PATTSikatan 2023 was indeed an opportunity for students to share their talents and creativity, and a testament that PATTSeans are also artistically inclined. 

Jade Band  from the BS Avionics Technology Department serenading the crowd with their own rendition of popular Filipino songs