April 8, 2022


PATTS Vocal Harmony Online Music Festival

The PATTS Vocal harmony presents their talents in singing for their live music festival entitled "Come Alive"

PATTS Vocal Harmony has once again showcased their amazing talents in the art of playing instruments and singing in their live music festival entitled, "Come Alive". The talented students from various courses performed all sorts and genres of famous hit songs in one band, one show, enjoying their performances and keeping the crowd hyped up through every song.

The music festival was hosted by Air Transportation student Mr. Aaron So, together with Ms. Nicole Padilla, who introduced the PATTS Vocal Harmony with their first performance, "She Looks So Perfect." Right off the first guitar strum, the audience surely had the idea that this was going to be a one-of-a-kind online concert. Performance after performance, not a single moment of amusement was lost, and it only grew as the concert progressed. As the title of the event suggests, everybody was feeling alive listening to their favorite hits and genres.

The concert lasted for two hours, and in that time frame, a blast of emotions hit because the beauty of the art of music was absolutely at its finest by the one and only, PATTS Vocal Harmony. The event wrapped up with PVH President, Ms. Thea Sherseth Vilches, and her closing remarks, or what was thought of as closing remarks, but it was another beautiful performance entitled, "Fight Song," reminding all of us that no matter what the situation is, we will always have a spark of fight in us to make it through.