February 13-17, 2023


PATTSino’s Amazing Brushstrokes and Craftsmanship: Exploring the Beauty of Arts and Cultures

In the photo: String Art samples.

Part of the program curriculum of every PATTSean is a course that encourages understanding that there is more than one approach to everything. Through Art Appreciation (SSCI 115), students are given opportunities to address the fundamental question of what it means to creatively express the condition of being human in life-changing worlds.  By crafting artworks, students learn to listen to different perspectives so that one can look past what meets the eye and open their minds to the views of others. 

In line with the Academic Competitions prepared by the Office of Academic Affairs to celebrate PATTS’ 54th Foundation Anniversary, an Art Exhibit was held at the PATTS Lobby last February 13-17, 2023 to showcase the students’ creative expressions through visual arts such as painting, mosaic art and string art.  Flexing the application of students’ learning in the subject, the artists filled their paragons with the theme of each category: PATTS Core Values for the Painting Category, Asian Art for the Mosaic Art Category, and the Importance of Art in this Pandemic for the String Art Category. 

The Social Science College Instructors namely, Ms. Amabel R. Sumabat, Ms. Ana Rose R. Reyes, and Mr. Gabriel Guillian B. Fernandez, adjudicated the artworks based on Interpretation and Clarity of the Theme; Creativity, Uniqueness, and Originality; Quality of Artistic Composition, and Overall Design; and Overall Impression of the Art. Mr. Edmir Joshua Pagsuyuin (4th Year - BS TM), Mr. Sean Ken Exequiel Dela Peña (4th Year BS-TM), and Mr. Lanz Ashlee Orticio (1st Year - Pre-Engineering) won first place respectively in the Painting, Mosaic, and String Art Categories.

As PATTSeans continue their aviation journey, PATTS ensures that they are well-prepared to enter the real world with creative skills enough to understand everything around them, and make the necessary changes towards a better world.

In the photo: Art Exhibit displayed at the PATTS Lobby