March 10, 2023


After 4 years of Hiatus, NCRAA is back for Season 29

Ms. Nicole R. Palmera representing the Seahorses for the Ms. NCRAA 2023 during the Parade of Athletes

The National Capital Region Athletic Association's new season got underway on the 10th day of March 2023, marking the beginning of the organization's 29th overall season.  Themed as, "Rising to New Heights," the opening ceremonies were held at the Philippine Sports Arena, Pasig City, where 15 colleges and universities participated including our beloved institution, one of its founding members.

To open the season, a breathtaking first game took place between PATTS College of Aeronautics and the Philippine Merchant Marine School (PMMS). It was a tough game indeed as PATTS lost 84-85 on a game-winning buzzer-beater, but the loss made the team more determined to win the next games on their road to championship. After the game, the opening program kicked off.

The presentation of the participating teams in the NCRAA commenced after the AIMS band marched around the court, signaling the start of the opening ceremonies. The players walked around the courtside alongside scouts who proudly raised their flags. Each team was led by beautiful muses while wearing their team jerseys. 

On top of that, Richard Bachman (Chairman, Philippine Sports Commission) graced the ceremony with his presence and a heartwarming speech saying, "The NCRAA has been one of the country's homes and foundations of collegiate talents. The games exemplify the competitive spirit of the youth in sports. But more than a venue for showcasing skills, the NCRAA is a venue for character-building." It was then followed by the speech of Mr. Benjamin V. Hernandez Jr. (NCRAA President and PATTS Athletics Director) sharing a few inspiring words, "Let us break down all the barriers through sports and come together to rise to new heights."

Then came the competition for the Ms. NCRAA - contestants were stunning the audience with their beauty as they walked the court in front of the athletes and the judges. Ms. Nicole R. Palmera gracefully represented the Seahorses. The winner's announcement then proceeded, with Mr. Bong Miguel Jr. (NCRAA Vice President) who called out the Muse of Centro Escolar University (CEU)  as this year’s Miss NCRAA.

Intermission numbers from other schools built up the excitement — culminating in a rousing performance by the CEU Pep Squad. NCRAA General Manager, Mr. Buddy Encarnado, then, officially sealed the ceremony with a few closing words. 

This year, PATTS’ attendance in the opening ceremonies were students and faculty  from the Senior High School Department. Also in attendance was Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez  (College President and COO), Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs) and Dr. Catherine M. Camposano (SHS Principal). 

Mr. Benjamin V. Hernandez Jr., NCRAA President for Season 29 in his Welcome Remarks