July 8, 2022


Summer Cadre Training

Summer Cadre Trainees crossing a muddy lake as part of their Field Training Exercises at Mabalacat, Pampanga.

Rise and shine, defenders of the motherland! On a sunny morning of July 8, 2022, the PATTS Corps of Cadets woke up from their beds with commanding auras that prismed their eagerness to serve the country. The International Christian Academy in Parañaque City invited five schools (City University of Pasay, Lacson College, University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Philippine State College of Aeronautics, and PATTS College of Aeronautics) for the Summer Cadre Training, which was supervised by the 1st Air Reserve Center of the Air Force Reserve Command of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) until July 30, 2022.

Towering above, the field was full of men in uniform, standing under the scorching heat of the sun while getting infused with the primary Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) course. The three-week boot camp was also a roller coaster ride of gaining basic military skills and knowledge that are as powerful as guns and bullets. Aside from that, the training officers and reserve volunteers imparted their expertise to the cadets, molding and transforming them into disciplined future military leaders.

Two weeks of rigid training have passed, and the cadets spent their last three days at Mabalacat, Pampanga, to hone their skills and gear their minds for any upcoming unforeseen battles. Before the 78 cadets went back home, they surpassed every inch of an obstacle and are now pumped up to defend our nation to keep the peace inside.

Fifteen cadet officers managed to bring honor and pride to our institution. The Air Force Reserve Command Award, with the highest overall grade in both Academic and Military Phases of Instructions, was obtained by C/Maj Arianne Kaye S. Aro 2CL. C/Maj Elijah Mae C. Bautista 2CL received two (2) awards namely: The Deputy Commander’s Award for having the second highest overall grade in both Academic and Military Phases of Instruction; and, the Marksmanship Award for showing high proficiency in handling and firing during the M-16 Rifle Familiarization. On the other hand, C/Maj Super Green P Kimmayong 2CL, obtained the Chief of Command Staff Award for having the third highest overall grade in both Academic and Military Phases of instruction. Lastly, C/LTC Michael Ian M Occeña 1CL received the Duty Award in recognition of the distinguished honor of exceptional job performance with pride, honor, and privilege.

Summer Cadre Trainees during their Field Training Exercise (FTX) executing the Immediate Action Drill at Mabalacat, Pampanga.