October 20, 2022

Invincible Summer

Al-Fresco: A Summer Breeze

Before diving into the warmth, the writer quoted, "No false memories of enjoying the summer breeze in the season of fall." Facing their monitors all day long while letting the sun's rays touch their skin as they penetrate through the window made Karl John Talaro and Jervyn Raxen Postrado (Project Heads) come up with an event with the theme, "Al-Fresco: A Summer Breeze." After having a whirlpool road for two years due to ecological disequilibrium, on October 20, 2022 at 9:00 a.m., they found their way back home as they convened at the PATTS Chairman's Penthouse to reunite and talk about their dreams of yesterday.

The four corners of the venue were filled with vibrant colors that reflected the crowds' floral outfits and sunglasses, which represent the lavish outpourings of aloha. The enormous pack was accompanied by the college officials: Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO), Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs), Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (VP for Academic Affairs), and the Program Chairpersons.

During the Aviation Talk, each chairperson, the pillars of hope, was given a chance to promote what their program has to offer and the beauty that lies beyond the horizon. It started with the BS in Aeronautical Engineering and went down to the BS in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, the BS in Industrial Engineering, the Aircraft Technician Course, the BS in Airline Business Administration, the BS in Tourism Management, and the BS in Air Transportation. They talked about how their program survived the widespread, ongoing disease that endangered our lives and the aviation industry. With the depth of their knowledge and by employing different gimmicks, the attendees paused and lent their ears for a while, listening to the words that might be their highways in the sky, flying towards their aspirations. "[...] because you are in this institution (PATTS), your future is secured," Mr. Mark Magango (ATC Chairperson), leaving a phrase to remember.

When the shade had elevated to a certain angle in the afternoon, the organizing committee started the competitions (Airport Design, Water Bottle Rocket, and Glider Competition). Representatives from each section of Grades 11 and 12 stood up right behind their airports with pride and confidence, mirroring the amount of effort they had invested in. When the judging period comes in, they have defended their output by using their knowledge that is deeper than the deepest ocean. In the end, section Wright's determination and fortitude were fully displayed as they utterly destroyed their adversaries.

Even when the clouds tried to stop them from dancing on the heat brought by the summer wind, they just made the atmosphere hotter by continuing the Water Bottle Rocket Competition under the pouring rain. Students cheered for their respective sections—fueling their rockets with chants as they thrust above ground level. After tabulating and validating the points, Section Cessna began to scream in an avalanche as they blew the trumpets of triumph. But the revelry and excitement didn't end there; they turned the sky into a playground when they began the Glider Competition. Among all the competitors, Sections Earhart and Augusta clenched their fists to signify victory.

As the hour hand clung shortly before 5:00 in the afternoon, Sean Babiera and Mary Gabrielle Pateña (Moderators) waved their hands for a goodbye. Together, they went back home with swashbuckling smiles on their faces, bringing not bottles of mojitos but memories.