September 18, 2022


Rotary International District 3830 Mass Induction and Award

The Visionary Officers of Rotaract Club of Parañaque Poblacion-PATTS

With pride and joy, the 2022 Rotaract Club of Parañaque Poblacion-PATTS attended this year’s Rotary International District 3830 Mass Induction and Awarding Ceremony at The Theatre of Solaire Resort, Parañaque City. On the evening of September 18th, the District 3830 Club inductees were welcomed in this year’s "Imagine Rotary'', which aimed to urge both Rotarians and Rotaractors to dream big and be a catalyst of possibilities.

Visionary PATTSeans witnessed an event filled with exuberance and entertainment. District Governor-Elect Mildred Vitangcol led the opening of the ceremony, introducing different districts all over Metro Manila and Palawan. Rotary-International President-Elect Jennifer Jones flew from Australia to deliver an exciting speech. "Imagine a world that deserves our best where we get up each day knowing that we can make a difference," she stressed. “As members of Rotary and Rotaract, you will wear our pin with pride. It’s a piece that stands with trust and integrity”, she added.

Present during the event were RAC-PATTS Officers namely John Lolek Morfe (President), who was accompanied by Russel Espinola (Vice-President), Sean Andrei Lozana (Membership Chair), Paolo Esguerra (Treasurer), Collene Mendoza (Auditor-Elect), Diosa May Nono (Public Image Chair), Ma. Paula Ogrimina (Creatives Director), and Jan Ricardo Raymundo (Service Project Chair).