March 21-26, 2022


Industrial Engineering Workshop and Program

Industrial Engineering Students during Plenary Talk on the last day of the event.

Industrial Engineering students are SPIEScing up their game as they embark on yet another life-learning event.

On March 21-26, 2022, BS Industrial Engineering students from all over the country assembled for the annual IEshikawa event, hosted and organized by the University of the Philippines Circle of Industrial Engineering Majors (UP CIEM). The event was held to harness the knowledge and aptitude of young aspiring industrial engineers by having them go through various activities, workshops, and programs.

“It was fun. I loved listening to the resource speakers because they bring fresh new topics yearly, which are relevant to our college program. To be a successful industrial engineer, they must be knowledgeable in the latest trends to have opportunities to leverage them,” Mr. Jedrick Dave Sulay, Society of PATTS Industrial Engineering Students (SPIES) President and PATTS representative, shared his experience throughout the event.

The Modern Workspace Design Workshop, the Career Fair, and the Plenary Talk are among the activities scheduled throughout the 6-day event. Mr. Sulay said his favorite section was "Modern Workstation Design" in which the resource speaker, Architect Ruffy Reyes, discussed what constitutes a modern workspace and offered advice on how to apply some of the notions of effective workspace design to Work-from-Home set-ups.

“It feels great, in events like these I can see myself carrying the banner of our academic institution. It is fun to see what students of the same program have learned and to observe how they act and display knowledge,” said Mr. Sulay as he sums up his experience throughout the entirety of the event.