June 18, 2022


GATS General Assembly

The fourth-year students of the Guild of Air Transportation showing off their elegant attire

The mid-day is up, the scorching sun is smiling at the world and the creatures are adapting to the natural occurrences that wreaked havoc on the lives of everyone. The virus not only impacted the situation of the nation’s education but also influenced students’ tomorrow. In truth, the students are specifically concerned not only about the health risks and dangers of this pandemic but also about their future. One program-oriented organization, composed of young dreamers, presented their dreams to the world, which cannot be shattered by nature herself.

As we can recall, students were unconnected physically and were learning from different parts of the globe. But the Guild of Air Transportation Students (GATS) was not among those who seemed to be affected at all as they managed to instill their blazing emotions within while battling the natural punisher. Last June 18, 2022, GATS celebrated its Silver Anniversary and General Assembly, becoming one of the pillars of hope for the resurrection of face-to-face learning and celebrations under strict health protocols.

Chandeliers cling while their shine beams through the students’ eyes while their face radiates a glow not only of happiness but of hope for the future. The students in their modernized traditional wardrobe represent that infusion of tradition to the modern times; similar to that of implanting their fiery hearts amidst the pandemic.

The onsite pilot event started with the procession of the guild’s officers, members, faculty, and PATTS officials. The BS Air Transportation students portray elegance, finesse, and honor as they walk on the bloody red carpet with a jovial mood painted on their smiles. GATS Vice President for External Affairs Mr. Harvic John Mathis offers the event to “those who come before us, with us, and to the future after us,” in his opening remarks.

Commemorating the efforts of the BS Air Transportation students, organization advisers, and officers for 25 years of excellence and honor is also a recognition of how the PATTS community strived to move forward despite the negative effects of this pandemic. As Ms. Melizza Leigh Salamatin (GATS Adviser) said, “[We are still] here, proving that we [can] strive.” The participants' smiles are heard through the silence of the environment, deeply feeling the igniting emotion conveyed through the message of the future throughout the dark predicament.

The golden light shines across the hall while the clouds above were at their lowest level, which seemed to witness a wonderful event. Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (Vice President for Academic Affairs), inspires the participants with his words of wisdom: “This event is a catalyst for the rise of BS Air Transportation, we will continue to move forward with excellence until there is no sky left to conquer. Let us prove to everyone that we are one of the best.”

BS AT’s Silver Anniversary and General Assembly portrayed a scenery that everyone will surely remember in their dreams. From the production numbers of the GATS officers to energetic games and guest comedians, the spirits of the students were as high as their goals. To seal the achievement of the program organization for more than two (2) decades, an awarding ceremony was then held.

Across the dim and solemn aura of the room, two (2) PATTSean achievers shook hands as outgoing GATS President, Mr. Louis Alberto E. Garces, passed the authority to the new president, Mr. Franz Luigi R. Soriano, signifying the highest level of applause for the new beginning that lay across the path of success of the organization, as he took his Oath in front of the young aviators.

In the end, the students went home with smiles not only on their faces but also in their hearts, genuinely emanating a burning desire to be great. After all, greatness comes from small beginnings.

The honorable guests of GATS’ marvelous event entitled, “Sic Magna Parvis” which was held last 18th of June, 2022