March 29, 2023


A Talk to Save the Planet

L-R: Panelists, Ms. Antoinette Taus, Ms. Rea Uy-Epistola, and Ms. Robyn Mijares, together with the moderators, Victoria Emmanuel Angeles  and John Lolek Morfe during the discussion of topics about the Earth Hour

If not now, when? Our environment continues to suffer from careless actions and mismanagement of natural resources. The Earth Hour is an initiative to inspire everyone worldwide to take action on reducing one’s ecological footprint. Hence, PATTS engaged in this movement to raise awareness and spark its students' eagerness to make a sustainable environment for the future generation. 

The Earth Hour Forum, held at  The Chairman's Penthouse last March 29, 2023, addressed the most critical discussions that involve our community's leading environmental challenges. With our accomplished and inspiring panelists, Ms. Robin Mijares (Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Youth Uprising Philippines), Ms. Rea Uy-Epistola (Social Enterprise Consultant of CORA - Clean Cities, Blue Ocean), and Ms. Antoinette Taus (Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP, and Founder and Executive Director of CORA), questions about environmental problems were provided with sensible and efficient solutions that even students like us can implement to make a change in our own little ways. Ms. Mijares answered the questions on behalf of the youth sector while Ms. Rea Uy-Epistola provided solutions from the point of view of the private sector. Lastly, Ms. Antoinette Taus discussed her answers as the representative of the NGO sector. Albeit answering for the different sectors in our country, all three aim to make a brighter and more sustainable environment.

As Ms. Antoinette Taus had said, "One small change can make a big impact if we do things together." These environmental actions and efforts would not be in vain if we do things hand in hand — if we take the initiative to discipline ourselves and think not just for our convenience, but also for the other organisms that live with us and the future generations that depend on us. Remember, if we truly care, we can always find ways to do something about it.