May 13, 2022


A Cup for Philanthropy Mobile Tournament

Bottles up for the free mobile battles brought to us by the PATTS Elite Gamers Association (PEGA). “CONQUEST: A Cup for Philanthropy Mobile Tournament” is a school-wide mobile version of the previous semester’s PC tournament hosting two (2) mobile tournaments namely, Mobile Legends: Bangbang (MLBB), and Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). The 3-day registration started on the 13th of May 2022. As teams assembled, the Alliance of Aircraft Mechanics and Troubleshooters (AAMT), Basic Engineering Pioneers of Innovative Construction (B-EPIC), and STEM Society collaborated and made this event possible. The virtual tournament had giveaways from Do Your Own Research Clothing for the lucky sharers of the Livestream.

The virtual tournament commenced on the 16th of May, 2022 a day after the final day of the registration period. ASGARD, Nutri Bunnies, AEROPLANO, BNV Gaming, LUNATICS, Renowned, Dispel, and Turbojet were the teams that clashed head-to-head. Elimination rounds took place on the first day consisting of two (2) tournaments at 6:00 PM Game 1 with ASGARD vs ALLECNATICS, and Game 2 at 7:30 PM with BNV Gaming vs LUNATICS. These were streamed via the AAMT’s official Facebook page. The second day of the tournament’s elimination round was streamed via B-Epic’s official Facebook page featuring two (2) games Game 3 at 6 PM for TURBOJET vs AEROPLANO, and Game 4 at 8 PM for RENOWNED vs DISPEL. On Wednesday, the third day of the tournament, a faculty match was held. This was between Mr. RM Bautista, and Mr. Ivan Kevin Satentes’ teams that was streamed live via AAMT’s official Facebook page.

Semi-Finals came fast streamed live via PEGA’s official Facebook page with ASGARD vs BNV Gaming on the first game that started at 6 PM, and AEROPLANO vs RENOWNED on the second game that started at 8 PM — leaving four (4) teams for the Finals. As virtual tournaments like this expands problem solving and strategic thinking, Renowned won as the 2nd Runner-up, BNV Gaming as the 1st Runner-Up, and AEROPLANO as the season’s Virtual Tournament Champions. Video games are arguably one of the factors that enhance a gamer’s ability to learn. When utilized properly, it improves the gamer’s hand-eye coordination – the same skill that is used in physical sports. Not only that, studies say that video games can make it easier to learn educational contents and develop cognitive skills as benefits include improved powers of concentration, creativity, memory, languages, and teamwork.