August 31, 2022




This year’s Recruitment Week Opening Program paved the way for college students to engage with different booths from both the Program-Oriented Organizations (POO) and Special-Interest Organizations (SIO). The month of September did not fail to surprise the students as its last day was a blast. The end of this month commenced with a heart-pounding beat from the drummers of the PATTS Royal Cavalry. The PATTS League of Presidents (PLP) showcased their respective banners in their performance during the opening program. This was then followed by the opening remarks of Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO), who also recognized the combined efforts of the PATTS Student Council (PSC) and the student leaders, who made this face-to-face gathering a success. Engr. Valdez encouraged the PATTSeans to be collaborative in order to achieve more. After the ribbon cutting to officially open the Recruitment Week, each booth was visited by Engr. Valdez, together with Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs) and Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (VP for Academic Affairs).


Individual Program-Oriented Organizations (POO) and Special-Interest Organizations (SIO) participated in the vibrant and exciting part of recruitment week by setting up booths that displayed their artistic skills in depicting the themes of their mobile games, from the vibrant colors down to the smallest details.


Ending the week right, PATTSeans showcased some “kasikatan” that made the whole event more lively. The first segment was allotted to the POOs’ presentation while the afternoon session was for the SIOs. This year’s theme, 1UP: FOURming Troops Activate means 1 United PATTSeans – aiming to unite the student body through the various organizations as we get to level four.

Each organization was given five minutes to market their distinct capabilities and characteristics, and promote what they have to offer. The event ended with five minor raffle draws hosted by the PSC.


PATTSALUBONG 2022: The Festival of Seahorses

It is another week full of surprises, and SEAN the Seahorse welcomed everybody, especially the freshmen and transferees in broad daylight. A massive drum groove by the PATTS Royal Cavalry commenced the PATTSalubong with sparkling bubbles and waves from the student body led by the PSC.

Of course, the gathering will not be complete without the parade of colors, which represents the freshmen of each program. This parade started from the Dela Cruz Compound and as SEAN entered the campus, faces of joy, laughter, and excitement greeted him.

PATTSalubong Project Head, Manny Madera, then delivered his opening remarks with an inspiring message for the freshmen saying, “Freshmen! This is just the start of your PATTSean journey!!! Kaya, kapag sinabi kong fly high, sumigaw mula sa puso ng ‘PATTSino!’”.

DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT: New Students’ Onboarding

It was certainly a new day and another surprise awaited the froshies as they got engaged with various informative activities about our institution and their respective programs. They also had the opportunity to get familiarized with the campus facilities. While on the campus tour, the PATTS Core Values were introduced: Patriotism, Adeptness, Thoroughness, Trust and Service-Orientedness. This Amazing Race-themed event had challenges that the students must accomplish –Guess The Gawad Logo; Recitation of PATTS Mission and Vision; Identification of Minor and Major Offenses; Selfie, Post, and Follow the PATTS Official Facebook Page; Pin the Name; and, Dreams Take Flight – all these in six (6) different stations located at the Lower Bridge, Chapel, SOCI Corner, Discipline and Safety Office, Outdoor Volleyball Court, and the 50th Logo respectively.


The Freshmen Week will not be complete without the most awaited “Frosh Icon 2022”. Before the College Month’s curtain call, freshman representatives from the different programs showcased their looks, talent and skills while promoting their chosen advocacy.

Ms. Julian Rose Reyes from the BS Airline Business Administration Program advocated on giving awareness and proper knowledge on mental health since this affects one’s way of thinking and behavior.

BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology’s pride, Ms. Radha Marie Cabug, advocated on women empowerment. She wants to be able to stand up for women without being limited to the dictates of the society, especially in a male-dominated industry like aviation. Mr. Homer Luna Sabong, from the same program, says “NO” to bullying. Instead of being a dismissive person, he believes that “we should learn to spread love, positivity and treat others like how we want them to treat us”.

The first candidate from the BS Aeronautical Engineering Program, Ms. Cyndy Aranilla shares how the society thinks that aviation is not for women. For Ms. Aranilla, with passion and determination, women be as good as men. Ms. Love Lynne Beltis advocates on stepping out of our comfort zone - improving our game, accepting new challenges and developing as strong individuals.

Maroon pride from the BS Avionics Technology Program, Mr. John Joseph Co, advocates on self-love - that we need to accept the fact that we are appreciated regardless of our imperfections. Another candidate from the same program was Ms. Maui Orogo, who advocates on overcoming insecurities. “Allowing these to take over who we are is a dangerous habit that needs to be broken[…] self-acceptance is important.”

Representing Ganda, Galing at Talino from the BS Tourism Management Program, Ms. Kyla Clear Tacocong, advocates on believing in one’s capabilities by building and strengthening the self-esteem of her fellow students.

The winners were then hailed in the end. Ms. Radha Marie Cabug won 2nd Runner-Up, Mr. Homer Luna Sabong won 1st Runner-Up and the freshman that reigned supreme as the Frosh Icon 2022 was Ms. Kyla Clear Tacocong.


The week-long event is over, and new friendships and thrilling new experiences have been made. As the various organizations came together for this year’s Recruitment Week, efforts were recognized in the Awarding Ceremony. Indeed, the hiring week was a success. The celebration was formally concluded by Ms. Christine I. Mercado, Project Head, who gave her words of appreciation to all those who made the event possible.



POO - Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization

SIO - PATTS Achievers League

SHS - STEM Society


POO - Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization

SIO - PATTS Dance Company

SHS - ABM Society


POO - PATTS Tourism Society

SIO - Social Science Society

SHS - STEM Society

PROMOTIONAL POSTER (Mario Artist: Paint Studio Award)

POO - Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization

SIO - PATTS Dance Company

SHS - STEM Society

MINECRAFT COMPETITION (Outstanding Minecraft Builders)

POO - Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization


SIO - Basic Engineering Pioneers for Innovative Instructions)

ZERO WASTE BOOTH (Zen Garden Award)

POO - Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization

SHS - STEM Society

SIO - PATTS Green Ambassadors

FASTEST BOOTH (Sonic Dash Award)

SIO - PATTS Green Ambassadors

PEOPLE’S CHOICE (Pewdiepie Award)

Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization


Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization