July 08, 2022


A number of doors opened for the Seahorses on July 8, 2022. Students, teachers, alumni, and representatives from numerous renowned corporations, along with College Officials, Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP Student Affairs) and Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (VP Academic Affairs), and Ms. Richelle Miel-Golosino (Guidance Counselor) assembled for the Career Fair 2022 at The Chairman’s Penthouse.

"We exist because we want to create and to train students and individuals who will become productive, and that is what we aim at [...] and our mission is to assist graduates in the labor market," Engr. Amores said during the presentation of objectives.

Dashing young professionals and job seekers, equipped with their suits and dresses, faced representatives from well-known companies in the hope of landing a job at one of them. Before the hunt got underway, everyone recognized the existence of a total of 15 participating companies.

PATTS Dance Company showed everyone their sleek moves and heated up the stage in their intermission number. After all the formalities, students and alumni started getting up from their seats in a very organized manner. The number of participants and applicants was limited to two persons per booth to avoid congestion.

Truly, the event itself burst with sustaining knowledge and numerous opportunities. As BS AeroE student, Ms. Precious Joan Palco shared, “The experience was very informative. I learned from the interviews from the different companies. Very approachable sila, and nasasagot din talaga nila mga questions namin regarding OJT.”