March 16, 2023


Booths and Bazaar Opening Ceremony

 The ceremonial lighting of lanterns headed by Dr. Emelita I. Javier (Vice President for Student Affairs) and Engr. Joy Cosme G Amores Jr. (Vice President for Academic Affairs)

As the sun set in the west, lights and cheers of excitement shone at the PATTS Volleyball Court last March 16, 2023 in celebration of PATTS’ 54th Founding Anniversary. The magical world of Japan came to life at the Booths and Bazaars Opening Ceremony, with vibrant colors and intricate designs of Japanese culture embedded in each booth and lanterns that illuminated the way.

When students entered the venue, it was as if they were transported to a world of wonder and animation, with lanterns of all shapes and sizes adorning every corner to cast a warm and inviting glow. The evening kicked off with a spectacular opening number by Events Pro Management, followed by a warm welcome from Mr. Lloyd Ezekiel M. Domingo (Co-Chairperson of Booths and Bazaars 2023).  "This event [Booths and Bazaars] signifies the integrity of the establishment's legacy of high-quality aviation education," he stated during his speech as he talked about looking back and taking pride in the institution's accomplishment.

The crowd was then treated to a soulful song performance by the PATTS Tourism Society and Airline Business Administration Society, together with Ms. Jelin Zyma J. Cacapit, a PATTS Foreign Language Instructor. Then, the stage was literally set on fire with a blazing-fire dance performance by Events Pro Management Fire Dancers that kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

But the night's highlight was the ceremonial lighting of the lanterns, a breathtaking spectacle that left the audience in awe. "The lanterns symbolize good luck coming [to] abound […]. It provides light; it guides us forward into the future and removes darkness ahead of us," the moderator stated, beckoning students to explore the booths and bazaars. 

Each organization had created its own unique version of a Japanese Lantern Festival-themed booth, with various gimmicks to attract others to their stalls; fun interactive games, and mouth-watering food offerings. Visitors were spoilt for choice as they meandered through the maze of booths, each one more captivating than the last. Nonetheless, the Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization (AERO) snatched the overall Best Booth Award as they wowed the judges with their stunning display of traditional Japanese art and culture.

The Booths and Bazaars Opening Ceremony was a night to remember that left students enchanted and inspired. As the lanterns continued to glow long into the night, it was clear that the spirit of Japan had indeed come alive in this vibrant and dynamic event.

A blazing-fire dance performance by Events Pro Management Fire Dancers