March 13, 2023


Battle of the Brains II - PATTS Edition

In the photo: BS Aeronautical Engineering (1st Placer of the Battle of the Brains II)

The quick-witted, exceptional, and outstanding students from the different programs of PATTS College of Aeronautics accepted the challenge of the Battle of the Brains II - PATTS Edition. The event took place last March 13, 2023 at the PATTS Audio-Visual Room. 

Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (Vice President for Academic Affairs) briefly talked about the Quiz Bee Competition and wished the students the best of luck through his opening remarks. Every participant of their respective programs was introduced, as well as thanking them for accepting the academic challenge of the major departments in PATTS. Engr. Hilbert D. Temporosa (Head of Drawing and Basic Engineering Sciences Department), Dr. Moses Kaenel Bergado (Head of Natural Sciences Department), and Engr. Editha E. Domingo (Faculty from the Natural Sciences Department) were the judges of the competition.

Several brilliant minds competed for the title but only three splendid students grabbed the people's attention: Gian Nathaniel C. Virrey, Jhon Albert Piawan, and Airro King T.  Robles (Representatives of BS Aeronautical Engineering Department). Ranking 4th place in the easy and hard rounds, they pulled off 120 points in the difficult round to help them secure the contest’s top spot. 

Before the program ended, the Chairman of the Tabulation Committee handed over the results of the competition. 

In the photo: Head facilitators and organizers of the Battle of the Brains II - PATTS Edition