June 11, 2022


Medical and Dental Mission

The Kaybagal South residents along with the PATTS volunteers

PATTS College of Aeronautics Alumni Association (PCAAA) collaborated with the Red Cross Youth Council of PATTS (RCYCP), Aeronautical Engineering Research Organization (AERO), Airline Business Administration Society (ABASOC), in cooperation with the Social Orientation and Community Involvement Office headed by Engr. Brixvon P. Cruz (SOCI and Student Affairs Officer), to successfully and voluntarily check PATTS’ partner community at Purok 80, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City for this medical and dental mission to assist the community in maintaining their prime health.

The community warmly welcomed the PATTS volunteers upon arrival. In fact, more than the expected number of people came to witness the promising works of PATTS’ Medical and Dental Mission. A number of alumni, college instructors, students, and the Health Services Department volunteered to work together to spread awareness about the community’s way to maintain their health and good hygiene, provide souvenirs that will help them improve their hygiene, and distribute medicine and vitamins as well. Like the old saying goes, "Take care of your body now, and your body will take care of you soon."

As Gene Josef Apanay (AERO Volunteer) said, “One of PATTS’ Core Values is Service-Orientedness. The entire PATTS community is and will always be willing to give ourselves for the welfare of others. I, for one, will encourage my circle to help others without seeking fame, but with pure intentions of aid.

In the end, the community of Purok 80 was equipped and ready to face their daily health challenges. Surely, the PATTSeans who voluntarily joined the event will continue to help many communities as much as they can, and make a huge difference in other people’s lives by teaching them about healthy living.