May 14, 2022


A Glimpse of the Future

Everyone wanted to be a Pioneer the moment “The Arduino: An Intro to Prototypes'' commenced - a webinar organized by the Basic Engineering Pioneers of Innovative Construction (B-EPIC), Alliance of Aircraft Mechanics and Troubleshooters (AAMT), and PATTS Elite Gamers Association (PEGA) on May 14, 2022 via Google Meet.

Invited guest speakers and masters of the field have graced the virtual realm giving a glimpse of the future circling topics related to Arduino, hence the theme: "Turning ideas into reality — with Arduino, everything is produced with exceptionality".

Mr. Tonny York Quintos, CircuitRocks Electronics Proprietor and the first guest speaker, discussed how a pilot from the cockpit is able to control the flaps and rudders with the help of the Arduino board along with sensors as well. 

He then took his talk further by emphasizing the concepts, parts, and applications of potentiometers, joysticks, and servo motors. With this, it gave a better understanding of how these concepts work with the Arduino board, which added excitement to the participants as he demonstrated how it operates on a miniature scale.

Engr. Gary Cahibaybayan, the second guest speaker, gave a brief discussion about the Arduino and how it is applied to robotics, audio, data logging, medical, network, and aviation. He also elaborated the various types and applications of Arduino that are utilized such as Arduino Zero, Arduino Due, and Arduino Bluetooth, to name a few.

Software installation of Arduino was also discussed where the speaker maneuvered his talk on how it works. He wrapped the entire webinar as he mentioned sample output project designs – Password Circuit Breaker, Automated Lighting System, and Aircraft Control Panels to enlighten the participants on its application to their daily lives.