September 15, 2022


Aircraft Control Line

Mr Obi Mapua with [L-R] Dr. Emelita Javier (VP for Student Affairs), Engr. Jose Eduardo Valdez Jr. (College President and COO), and the PATTSean volunteers of the event.

On September 15, 2022, Mr. Obi Mapua gave PATTSeans the opportunity to learn about the world of aircraft control lines - a day they will never forget.

PATTS College of Aeronautics has once again shown that it is a top-tier aviation institution by demonstrating that it provides students with an enjoyable experience while showcasing the school’s connections and knowledge in the field. Mr. Mapua offered a pedagogical discussion and practical demonstration for the class. Many students jumped at the chance to take their education to the next level by offering to fly the aircraft on their own. Spectators cannot help but smile and get excited as the plane flies through a series of complex patterns and high-altitude loops.

Students' aspirations to work in the aviation industry have been bolstered as a result of the event's success, which has once again gratified the imaginations of those who dream.

Mr. Obi Mapua with Engr. Jose Eduardo Valdez (College President and COO)