July 22, 2022


Plan It Right!

Ms. Baruelo demonstrated to everyone the importance of health insurance in our lives and also emphasized that saving for and making investments in your health are not costs but rather a form of asset protection.

The road in front of us is unsure, and the future is never certain.

On July 22, 2022, the Honor Society of Mapua in collaboration with six (6) organizations: Yaman Philippines, New Builder, PATTS Achievers League (PAL), Mapua University Central Student Council, Malayan Colleges, Laguna Senior High School, and UP Association of Civil Engineering Students, shone a light on a topic that was left in the dark for many to wonder until it is about time to figure it out: adulting. Seven organizations, in partnership with Close Up Philippines, conducted a webinar entitled, "ADULTHINGZ: Plan It Right!" via Zoom Meeting.

The event's speaker, Andrea "Bea" Aubrey Baruelo, a Financial Advisor, gave a discussion that focused on three key topics: the worst financial mistakes she made in her twenties; saving and planning; and investing and finding out more about insurance. She imparted her knowledge to young dreamers on how to properly build their financial plans and stressed the significance of goal-setting and advanced planning. Spending money on things you desire is acceptable, she stated in her speech; what is unacceptable is failing to plan and take action. In order to emphasize that we always have the option to choose our own route and that we should never be frightened to attempt anything new, Ms. Baruelo reminded the attendees as she closed her address saying, “Just because someone had a bad experience with something, does not mean you’ll experience the same thing.”

The second speaker was a Content Creator and Freelance Life Coach. In her adulting self-care talk, Ms. Kuniko "Kumi'' David said, "There is no one way to do it." The atmosphere changed from light financial talk to a more serious matter of self-care talk. Stress and pressure are unavoidable as you venture into adulthood, and Ms. Kumi made sure to guide everyone as she shared some of her life advice. Life is indeed tiring, and she reminded everyone that it is okay to feel tired and rest once in a while. "Allow yourself to take a break when you need it.”

"Never ever compare yourself with other people." This was a compelling statement from the last speaker of the event, Engr. John Renielle Valenzue, ECE, ECT, CCNA, who talked about how to deal with post-graduation anxiety. He advised everyone to set new goals, start new hobbies, socialize, and trust the process. "Choose what's next, then plan and do the next steps."