March 16, 2023


Great Minds Comes with Great Creativity

Participant from the Academic Exhibit presenting their poster

An event titled "STEM Masters: Brawl of the Brains" was put together by the creative minds of the STEM Society last March 7, 2023 via Google Meet to mark the 54th Foundation Anniversary of PATTS. The participants were the epitome of intelligence as they dominated the Sudoku, Quiz Bee, and Poster Making Competition, promoting to boost and support the singular abilities of youthful Seahorses in various fields.

The event winners were: Aidan Martainn De Guzman (3rd Place), Sean Babiera (2nd Place), and Vince Van Gogh Villacorte who took first place in the intellectual battle. In the next category, eidetic memory is required. In sudoku, Mac Jessel Sallan came in third, Dunhille Dellomos came in second, and Charles Miguelle Dacanay was crowned the Master. Moving on to the Poster Making Competition for PATTseans with gifted hands, Rhoddick Marron Ladines came in third, Mae Jewel Velasco came in second, and Ethan Von Orais became the competition's Bob Ross as the winning competitor.

The tenacity and commitment of everyone involved can be credited with this event's success. Everyone, from the planning committee to the volunteers, contributed significantly to the success of this event. It is a testament that one can achieve greatness and surpass even one’s own expectations with dedication, hard work, and a growth mindset. Remember to keep striving, keep learning, and keep aiming high!