August 22, 2022



Engr. Jabes Isoli (BS AMT Course Chairperson) beams with pride as he delivers his inspirational message to the Freshmen students of BS AMT Course.

Winston Churchill said, "Where there is great power there is great responsibility." This famous remark was emphasized by Engr. Jabes A. Isoli (BS AMT Chairperson) in his speech as the department commenced its orientation for the freshman students of BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology and Aircraft Technician Course.

Led by the Alliance of Aircraft Mechanics and Troubleshooters (AAMT) – the official Program-Oriented Organization (POO) of the BS AMT Program, in cooperation with the ATC Department, a kickstart event was prepared to welcome the froshies for a brand new academic year.

After the introductory words were given by AAMT President John David Abatayo, three (3) in-house speakers were given the opportunity to take the lead, which was then followed by a video presentation. Engr. Jabes A. Isoli, who serves as the Chairperson of the BS AMT Program, also said that he is the most proud of all AMTs. He went on to say that Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) accredited PATTS College of Aeronautics’ facilities to authorized skill tests, which has contributed to the institution's rise to more respectable and rigorous educational standards during the course of its existence. It was also mentioned that the Philippine Association of Aircraft and Powerplant Personnel Incorporation (PAAP), which is a non-profit organization, provides free or low-cost aviation and regulatory training to hone their existing set of skills in order to deliver excellence in their respective scopes of work. After providing a concise summary of the work that AMT does, he concluded his comments by stating, "The strength of resolve is crucial; not just a dream."

After a short game and an intermission performance by the PATTS Vocal Harmony, the second in-house speaker took the stage. Mr. Mark Magango, who serves as Chairperson of the Aircraft Technician Course (ATC), started his presentation with a tone that was more relaxed in order to get the interest of the students. He stated that the two-year program of the Aircraft Technician Course (ATC) covers identical ground to that of the Bachelor of Science in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) with just a few small exceptions, one of which is the 30-month training period for the airframe and engine as required by the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulation (PCAR). After that, he utilized the name, MARK, to come up with an acronym that would help students remember what he had just said — Management, Attitude, Respect, and Knowledge are vital attributes that students should cultivate.

After briefly addressing the need for aviation as a whole, Mr. Joselito Biera, Vice Chairperson of the BS AMT, took the stage to talk about the comprehensive demand for aviation on a global scale. Above a height of 30,000 feet, he explained, "We cannot make errors." He continued by saying that "everything will get back in place; we were only on hiatus; aviation will come back stronger, needing more manpower."