March 02, 2023


A Celebration of Excellence on the Seat of Talent, Skill, and Intellect

Engr. Janos Ambros B. Reyes delivers his inspirational speech as the ceremony’s Guest of Honor

As the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Air Transportation, Avionics Technology, and Aircraft Maintenance Technology approach the PATTS Chairman’s Penthouse on the 2nd of March 2023, for the PATTS’ 53rd Commencement Exercises. The event was graced by Mrs. Ma. Felisa Valdez (Chairwoman and CFO), Engr. Jose Eduardo Valdez (College President and COO), and the Board of Trustees.

The recipient of the Platinum Seahorse Award is Mr. Reygel John Bondoc Avila for his impeccable demeanor and important contributions to his fellow students as a catalyst of peaceful life in the academic community and active engagement in extracurricular activities on the school campus. In the Academic Honor Award, four graduates qualified for the Latin Honors, Cum Laude—Mr. Renz Omner Malones Katipunan (BS Aeronautical Engineering), Mr. Keanu Espina Delgado (BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology), Mr. Daryl Joseph Villamores Janda (BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology), and Mr. Jucheon Joung (BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology). The ceremony continued as the Board of Directors and the Administration led the granting of diplomas. 

Engr. Janos Ambros B. Reyes (Chairman of Aerostrategies Inc., CEO of Global JD Capital PTE LTD., CEO of Philippine Operations of Passion Venture Capital, and a PATTS Alumnus Batch 2003) delivered an inspirational speech as the ceremony’s guest of honor. According to him, as the graduates would be the leaders in the future, they must lead not just with big dreams but also with big hearts. They should live their lives with the ultimate goal of being able to say that they were happy, lived their lives to the fullest, and were the heroes of their stories at the end of their journey. 

Soar high graduates! May your dreams take a safe flight to your destination. Congratulations and good luck in your voyage to the real world!