May 15-19, 2023


Tourism ReBorn: The Era of Revenge Travel

Aeronautical Engineering Graduates taking the Mock Board Exam

REVENGE TRAVEL [TM Week Opening Ceremony]

The BS Tourism Management (BSTM) took the streets with their ecstatic motorcade parade last May 15, 2023 to celebrate the opening of Tourism Week 2023 entitled, "Tourism ReBorn: The Era of Revenge Travel." Fueled by excitement and bursting with cheer, the BSTM students and faculty, marched their way from Waltermart Sucat to PATTS College of Aeronautics campus, proudly showcasing six (6) of the many ethnic groups of the Philippines: Ilocano, Lumad, Tagbanwa, Visayan, Bicolano and Tagalog along with their colorful banners, costumes and spiels.

During the program proper, Mr. Mel Alipo-on (Event Special Guest), cut the ribbon with Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs), Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (VP for Academic Affairs), Engr. Brixvon P. Cruz (Students Affairs and SOCI Officer), and Dr. John Ericson Policarpio (BS TM Program Chairperson), together with BS TM Instructors,  Ms. Maria Criselda Desolo (Event Adviser), Mr. Alvin Moralde (Event Adviser), Ms. Shirley Bron, Ms. Jelin Cacapit, and Mr. Alex Del Castillo, to mark the commencement of the 2023 TM Week. This was followed by various activities such as the presentation of the diverse and colorful tribes' chants and banners, the heritage documentation, quiz bee, and flight attendant showmanship. 

It is just day one and they have already proven their legacy of Ganda, Galing at Talino, unveiling the rebirth of the tourism industry, recovering and taking its revenge from what the pandemic has taken.

FLY THROUGH TIME [Heritage Documentation and FA Showmanship]

Tourism Week has been more than just a source of joy; it has also been a wellspring of inspiration, particularly through the Heritage Documentation and Flight Attendant (FA) Showmanship events. Ms. Lyka Grace Dollentas (PTS President and Program Committee Head) officially inaugurated the event with her warm and welcoming message.

The Heritage Documentation segment showcased video documentaries about various locations in Manila, which highlighted each location’s historical significance, and the activities available for tourists to enjoy. The FA Showmanship was an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate the necessary procedures during evacuations, and a flight safety demonstration covering the use of seatbelts and oxygen masks.

The event was a resounding success, blending joy, inspiration, and cultural celebration as it explored the rich tapestry of our heritage, unveiling historical treasures that also serve as magnets for tourists. 


As part of the enhancement in recognition and giving highlights to the Philippines’ tourism, two sections from Tourism Management offered Barrio Turismo to the PATTS community on the second day of the event.  This turned on the spotlight for the different products of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Section 2T bagged the Top Producers title, which featured products such as pastil, buko juice, mango sago, and crema de leche. Section 1T, on the other hand, topped the podium for the Best Barrio Booth and Most Organized Booth. 

Barrio Turismo was undoubtedly one of the highlight activities as it not only hones tourism students’ hospitality skills but engages all PATTseans to be familiarized with the new and obscure specialty of a certain barrio in the country as well.

THE DOT BRAND PROMISE [Seminar - Filipino Brand Service Excellence]

A collaboration training for students of PATTS College of Aeronautics, Olivarez College and Sapphire International Aviation Academy entitled, “Filipino Brand of Service Excellence” took place on the third day of TM Week at the PATTS Audio Visual Room (AVR). The seminar aimed to give an overview to students on how to deliver exceptional service to foreign tourists in the Filipino manner and establish the “brand” itself in the process.

During the event, there were three (3) specific hospitality modules that were tackled, which includes: “Service Excellence and the 7 M's of Filipino Values”, “Delivering Excellent Service using the GUEST Technique”, and “The Heart of Service Recovery.”

The training concluded with an oath, knowledge check, acknowledgement, and an awarding of certificates. The students were encouraged to promote tourism and educate front-line employees in the industry, aiming to increase hospitality and welcoming Filipinos.


In a world slowly emerging from the grip of the pandemic, the power of tourism is being rediscovered. On the penultimate day of the TM Week, the PATTS Tourism Society (PTS) embarked on a remarkable journey, marking a significant step towards the revival of the industry with their Rolling Tour.

The event became the first in-person Rolling Tour since the pandemic began, reflecting the resilience of the nation. The PTS incorporated diverse Philippine tribes into the Rolling Tour, emphasizing inclusivity and cultural heritage preservation. The Lumad tribe, represented by Mariel Cunanan, Christian Clave Claveria, and Andrei Pugao, emerged as overall tribal champions, showcasing Parañaque's rich history.

As the Philippines and the world continue to recover from the pandemic, the event made the participants recognize and cherish the transformative power of tourism. It is, indeed,  the gateway to a brighter, more connected future for all.


Glamorous and fashion-forward are the words that beautifully describe the talented tourism management students that brought a dazzling display of creativity, style, and professionalism during the Fashion Show event on the 4th day of the TM Week at the PATTS Volleyball Court. 

Three distinct attires were showcased during the event. The hotelier attire presentations exuded sophistication and elegance. The tour guide attire segment was a delightful mix of cultural richness and practicality. The flight attendant attire presentations were undoubtedly a crowd favorite. The students transformed into epitomes of grace and professionalism, wearing stylish uniforms inspired by renowned airlines. 

The Fashion Show was a testament to the creativity, dedication, and passion of our students. It demonstrated that a career in this field is not just about service but also about artistry, culture, style. It also showcased their potential to become future leaders in tourism, where they will exceed the expectations of travelers worldwide.


From the soulful voices that grab each viewer's attention to the charming discord that pumps everyone to scream joyfully, the singing competition entitled, TM Voice, was one of the major highlights during TM Week 2023. 

The competition was participated by PATTS’ Tourism Management students, each one of them representing their designated tribes. They showcased their remarkable singing abilities with a rendition of some renowned Original Pinoy Music (OPM) songs. 

As the cheers and applause echoed through the PATTS Volleyball Court, it was clear that all the participating students had poured their hearts and souls into their performances to represent their tribe. It was evident that the TM Voice 2023 had not only entertained the audience, but also brought together a community of diverse talents, proving once again that music can bridge gaps and bring people closer, even through a charming discord.


Sadly, all things must  come to an end. The BS Tourism Management (BSTM) bid goodbye to the TM Week 2023, last May 19, 2023. Until the end of the celebration, the energies were never low despite the party coming to an end. 

The closing ceremony took place at the PATTS Gymnasium.  The finale had each group compete for their grand performance showcasing the rich cultures of the diverse ethnic groups of the Philippines through a dance performance and the alluring muses of each tribe. The event concluded with an awarding of winners for the competitions that took place throughout the week.  Everybody was credited for the hard work that they have put in. Truly, the BS Tourism Management department embodies Ganda, Galing at Talino.