June 03, 2023


A Tradition of Honor: Bayan Muna, Bago Ang Sarili

In the grandest display of honor, discipline, and military tradition, the institution celebrated a change of office and the graduation of the Basic Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Corps of Cadets, Class "Silakbo" 2023.  This grand ceremony, which took place on June 03, 2023, at the PATTS Volleyball Court, signified the transition of leadership in the Corps of Sponsors and the commissioning of graduates into the Air Force Wing Reserve. This symbolizes honor, duty, and dedication, reflecting the institution's core values. 

The commencement began with the Corps Commander and her staff, under the leadership of C/COL SUPER GREEN P KIMMAYONG 1CL, proceeding into the parade grounds, forming the foundation for an extraordinary occasion. Also, special guests graced the event.  Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO, and Guest of Honor), 1LT MARIANITO S MORAL PAFR (Assistant Commandant of the PATTS Corps of Cadets), and Ms. Marianne M. Bartolome (ROTC Coordinator) were able to observe the final day of the cadets and cadettes before becoming reservists.

The guest of honor inspected the troops, who were led by COL. RITZA ANN JOVELLANOS. The troop commander then saluted and announced, "Ginoo, handa na po ang lipon para libutin," signifying their readiness for the inspection. While the honored guest trooped the line, the emcee emphasized the achievements of the PATTS ROTC, including a clean-up campaign, educational activities, familiarization firing, and a successful exhibit and bazaar event. Additionally, the cadets participated in numerous conventions, competitions, and community activities, demonstrating their commitment to service and excellence.

Notably, the 134th Department of Military Science and Tactics was presented with a Plaque of Recognition during the 87th AFP Anniversary for their invaluable support to the Cadet of the Year 2022 award, demonstrating their dedication to excellence. The emcee then introduced the current Corps and Staff of the PATTS Corps of Cadets, noting their respective duties and responsibilities within the organization. 

The event’s culmination was the Graduation Ceremony, in which 910 Basic ROTC Cadets received their certificates with 1LT MARIANITO S MORAL confirming their graduation. The ceremony included the administration of the Pledge of Allegiance, the dissemination of certificates, and the awarding of trophies to distinguished cadets.

This institution's Change of Office and Graduation Ceremony was a remarkable event that demonstrated its dedication to leadership, duty, and excellence. It celebrated the transition of leadership in the Corps of Sponsors and honored the commitment and hard work of the graduating Basic ROTC cadets. The event exemplified the college's values and traditions and marked a significant turning point in the lives of those involved.

In the spirit of commitment, leadership, and excellence, the PATTS ROTC Class "Silakbo" 2023 celebrated their graduation, leaving a legacy of honor and service.