August 30, 2023


Donning of Ranks, Turnover of Command, and Graduation Ceremony of the ROTC

On August 30, 2023, a significant day unfolded at PATTS with the ceremonial shift in power - a transition that manifested precision, dignity, and profound emotion. The Donning of Ranks, Turnover of Command, and Graduation Ceremony of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) showcased the institution's commitment to excellence and the promise of a brighter future for its cadets.

Esteemed guests, Undersecretary Ronald Gian Carlo L. Cardema (Chairperson of the National Youth Commission), and COL RITZA ANN M JOVELLANOS PHILIPPINE AIR FORCE (General Staff Course) graced the event with their presence, together with PATTS’ College Officials: Engr. Jose Eduardo S. Valdez (College President and COO), Atty. Anna Katrina V. Cruz (Board Trustee and VP for Administrative Affairs), Engr. Joy Cosme G. Amores Jr. (VP for Academic Affairs), and Dr. Emelita I. Javier (VP for Student Affairs).  

The climax of the ceremony came as C/COL SUPER GREEN P KIMMAYONG 1CL, a paragon of leadership and discipline, relinquished her command with grace and humility. Her departure marked the beginning of a new chapter, one guided by the capable hands of C/LTC ASHLY JAMIAH D MANATO 1CL.

"Here I am today, honored as the 51st Corps Commander of the 134th Department of Military Science and Tactics of PATTS College of Aeronautics," newly proclaimed CORPS COMMANDER MANATO stated, his voice resounding with pride and a deep sense of responsibility. He continued, "Respeto sa mga nauna, subaybayan, at suportahan ang mga kasabay, maging gabay, inspirasyon, at maging magandang halimbawa sa mga kapwa," emphasizing the importance of respecting those who came before, supporting one's peers, and being a source of guidance, inspiration, and a positive example to fellow PATTSeans.

Outgoing C/COL KIMMAYONG remarked in her speech, "Let us remember that our responsibilities are expanding. The training we've received has prepared us not just for military service but has equipped us to be leaders in all walks of life." Her words resonated deeply with the audience, underscoring the broader significance of the ROTC program at PATTS. As the ceremony drew to a close, special thanks were extended to the parents of the cadets for their steadfast support, a sentiment woven throughout the speeches of the day. 

It was a poignant reminder that behind every strong cadet is a family that has nurtured their dreams, and without this unwavering support, they would not have reached the heights they achieved on this momentous day.

Your new Cadet Corp Commander: Ashly Jamiah Manato