September 23, 2023


PAL Mastering the Craft: Towards Publication Excellence

Mr. Brian Ben C. Coronel (Research Director and Languages Department Head) during the awarding

The art of scholarly literature is an indispensable component of every field, particularly in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of aviation. The significance of writing and publication cannot be overstated, as the evolution of the aviation industry drives the demand for cutting-edge and reliable knowledge and expertise.

On September 23, 2023, the PATTS Achievers League (PAL) hosted a seminar entitled, "Write Right: The Effective Way of Writing a Paper for Publication," at the PATTS Audio Visual Room (AVR). The seminar’s guest speaker was Ms. Florvel M. Leano, a Writer, Research Editor, and Academic Coach, who educated students and attendees on various approaches to improve and write technical papers.

During her lecture, Ms. Leano emphasized three essential concepts to enhance writing skills. First, writers must have the courage to pursue the truth and never settle for less, as it forms the foundation of good writing. Second, they need to develop a brilliant idea that can stand on its own and capture the reader's attention. Lastly, she stressed the importance of technical english as a critical means of effective communication in discipline-oriented scientific journals. These three key concepts lay the groundwork for a well-crafted paper for publication. Consequently, writers should utilize field-specific language and vocabulary to highlight their expertise and knowledge while also incorporating universally accepted terms to prevent misunderstandings and discrepancies.

The seminar's goal extends beyond improving research paper writing skills; it also seeks to bolster the knowledge base of the aviation industry. It aims to equip aviation enthusiasts with the essential tools to contribute to the industry's growth and ensure that aviation remains at the forefront of technological progress.