May 26, 2023


Bunkasai: Japanese Culture Festival 2023

Hajimemashite! Blooming sakura in spring, home of the animated world of manga, iconic umami cuisines, and a harmonious blend of culture, tradition and innovation where ancient customs and modern advancements coexist gracefully - these are some of the fundamental reasons behind everyone's dream of visiting Japan. Fueled by the fervent desires of the Management students of PATTS, the BS Tourism Management and BS Airline Business Administration departments joined hands with the Japanese Embassy in the Philippines for a Japanese Culture Festival 2023 last May 26, 2023.

Speakers from the Japanese Embassy, Ms. Mukaigawa Yurie, Mr. John Norman R. Molo, and Ms. Kelly Kathlene L. Ko, led PATTSeans on a worthwhile journey as they discussed various embassy programs aimed at benefiting Filipino students and teachers in their quest for knowledge and improvement.

One significant take away from the speakers was Ms. Mukaigawa's introduction to the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, catering to passionate educators dreaming of teaching English in Japan. The JET Programme empowers Filipino teachers who have long aspired to teach abroad, particularly in Japan.

Otakus also showcased their passion by cosplaying their favorite anime characters and had the privilege of experiencing wearing Japan's traditional attire, the Kimono.

BUNKASAI truly opened the minds of PATTSeans, helping them visualize that their dreams of visiting other countries and exploring unique cultures and traditions need not remain mere dreams. There will always be those who will pave the way for them to reach their aspirations, and all they need to do is seize every opportunity that comes their way.