April 01, 2023


Heart Pumping, Feet Moving, and Sweating Your Way to the Finish Line!

Men’s Division First placer: Lloyd Allen Bergonio

The sound of hundreds of pounding feet resonated through the streets of Filinvest City on April 1, 2023 for the annual PATTS Fun Run. It may have been a brief “academic free day” for PATTSeans but it sure was a smashing success as it gave students and even the faculty a memorable day outside the classroom.  Aside from the physical and emotional benefits that fun run brings, it is also a good way to boost school spirit and bring everyone together in an enjoyable, stress-free athletic activity.


The organizers set up the venue before the sun rose over the horizon to give everyone a memorable race. As the event commenced, Mr. Gerardo C. Navarro (PFA President) gave his inspirational opening remarks motivating and appreciating the participation of the students. Then, Mr. Benjamin V. Hernandez Jr. (Athletics Director) led the warm-up exercise to heat the legs of the Seahorses. It was gunstart at 5:30 P.M. and the fun run commenced.  The participants started their engines and accelerated, aiming to finish the 5-kilometer run. In the end, only two Seahorses claimed first place -  Lloyd Allen Bergonio placed first in the Men's Division, and Super Green Kimmayong is the queen of PATTS Fun Run 2023 as she overtook the runners in the Women's Division. These wins are surely marks to players and observers of the attainable achievements and the strong camaraderie among all the participants.

The organizers did not want the fun to stop as they prepared an “afterparty” at sunset  to make the event more memorable. The DJ's beats and music transformed the participants' exhaustion into enjoyment. It was phenomenal - the participants, the faculty, staff, and college officials all had a great time. This Fun Run was not just about winning or competing; it's a chronicle about coming together again as one community in this post pandemic, supporting each other, and enjoying the blast of the event. 

Women's Division First placer: Super Green Kimmayong