May 22-24 and 28, 2023


Navigating the PATTSway: Embarking on Aviator’s Journey

Every journey begins with a bold takeoff, as a new beginning marks a fresh chapter for aspiring aviators at PATTS College of Aeronautics. Each year, the institution celebrates Freshmen Week, which signifies a wave of new beginnings that crash ashore with the arrival of eager freshmen, just like jet engines, thrilled to board their flight. This year, this much-awaited event happened on August 22-24 and 28, 2023.

Wings of Tradition

In the world of aviation, traditions serve as navigational beacons, illuminating the path for aviators. PATTS embraces this tradition through its annual PATTSalubong, a ceremonial welcome that acquaints students with the ethos and camaraderie defining the institution. At the heart of this segment is a grand parade featuring the institution's emblematic icon, Sean, the Seahorse. This seafaring mascot symbolizes resilience and adaptability - values that are crucial to any aviator.

Ready, Set, Buckle Up!

Onboarding 2023 was another important segment of Freshmen Week, designed to immerse students, regardless of their chosen aviation program, in the core values of a true PATTsean. These values extend beyond the cockpit, emphasizing qualities such as integrity, honesty, accountability, discipline, and responsibility.

The onboarding also delved into the administrative branches of the institution concerned with academic affairs, coupled with the code of ethics that must be observed by students inside and outside the campus. Additionally, a guide for thriving in the academic arena was shared with freshmen, equipping them with essential tips such as time management, dormitory life, and an insider’s guide to delectable dining options. This guide not only prepares and equips students for their journey at PATTS but also infuses their academic experience with delight and guidance.

Freshmen Spotlight

Continuing the vibrant celebration of Freshmen Week 2023, it delved into another star-studded segment that graced the occasion – Frosh Icon. This segment not only spotlights the impressive talents and unwavering confidence of freshman students from various programs but also highlights their inherent potential to shine and take immense pride in becoming genuine PATTSeans. 

The segment concluded with Mr. Earl Nathaniel P. Garra of the Bachelor of Science in Airline Business Administration program, who was awarded the title of Mr. Frosh Icon 2023, and Ms. Mary Gabrielle E. Pateña, also from the same program, who won as the Ms. Frosh Icon 2023. Their remarkable achievements in the spotlight added an extra layer of brilliance to the event, serving as a testament to the diverse talents and boundless possibilities that define the PATTSean freshmen spirit.

Winners for College Parade

Best in Parade - BS-AMT

Best in Costume - BS-ABA

Best in Cheer - BS-AMT

Winners for Frosh Icon

Mr. Photogenic - Mr. Earl Nathaniel Garra (BS-ABA)

Ms. Photogenic - Ms. Aliah Kristel Tagle (BS-AMT)

Best in Costume for Male Category - Mr. Kurt A. Valenzuela (BS-AvTech)

Best in Costume for Female Category - Ms. Stephanie Claire Soldao (BS-AeE)

Best in Talent Male Category - Mr. Earl Nathaniel Garra (BS-ABA)

Best in Talent Female Category - Ms. Mary Gabrielle E. Pateña (BS-ABA)

Mr. Frosh Icon 2023 - Mr. Earl Nathaniel Garra (BS-ABA)

Ms. Frosh Icon 2023 - Ms. Mary Gabrielle E. Pateña (BS-ABA)

Mr. Frosh Icon 2023 First Runner Up - Mr. Kurt A. Valenzuela (BS-AvTech)

Ms. Frosh Icon 2023 First Runner Up - Ms. Erika Megan Gutierrez (BS-AT)

Mr. Frosh Icon 2023 Second Runner Up - Mr. Jayer Frey Bautista (BS-AeE)

Ms. Frosh Icon 2023 Second Runner Up -  Ms. Aliah Kristel Tagle (BS-AMT)