September 26-28, 2023


The Mock that Leads to Board

Aeronautical Engineering Graduates taking the Mock Board Exam

Each individual has their respective battles in life that they need to conquer in order to achieve their desired career. Similar to a battle, the Aeronautical Engineering graduates of 2023 would need to stand on their own feet as they would be facing the final challenge of their journey.

Before they take one of the most challenging exams for Aeronautical Engineers, they must have a springboard. From September 26 to 28, 2023, the institution successfully conducted the Aeronautical Engineering Mock Board Examinations at the PATTS Library for its beloved graduates. The mock exam ignited their enthusiasm and the mock exam takers gained insight into the patterns they can expect to encounter in the Aeronautical Engineering Board Exam. They also grasped the questions and familiarized themselves with the  problems that might appear in the exam. Beyond what they had anticipated, their minds found peace, and their hearts began to focus on the path to becoming Licensed Aeronautical Engineers.

The entire Aeronautical Engineering students cheered them on, creating a moment that will inspire their fellow Ates and Kuyas to strive and conquer their fears. May their knowledge and unwavering passion fuel their spirits as they approach the realization of their dreams.

After all the battles, sleepless nights and stress that they all have endured during their tenure towards pursuing their dreams are guided by the Almighty Father. This mass is a testament of how much they want to thank Him for all that he has done for them.