November 30, 2022

20 Years: PAVorite Assemblage

EIKOSI: The Emerald Hours

“It’s been twenty years”. Starting from the very day, the PATTS Avionics Society (PAVIOS) has been kindling the shivers in their veins and forging relationships throughout their community as soon as their skin touches. Last November 30, 2022, at 1:00 PM, they started filling the Penthouse in their Y2K-artistic outfits for their General Assembly, “EIKOSI: The Emerald Hours”. Ending the semester won’t be complete without meeting each other, having a send-off party for the graduating students, and welcoming greetings to the new ones entering the family. 

As soon as the moderators held their microphones and stood up on the stage, the crowd never had a dull moment and was never at a loss for anything to do. Engr. Jover Boyd T. Chan (Program Chairperson of BS Avionics Technology) delivered a message to his beloved family with a shivering voice as a reflection that he was joyful, realizing that his community had grown too much. “I have been here for 21 years, and in 20 years, I was and still am with PAVIOS,” he added with pride. But before he got into the midst of his speech, he couldn’t deny how he felt during that moment, “I became speechless, [...] after two years, we’re finally here as one community, and I’m so thankful to God.” He also highlighted that in those years, he had met a lot of students who became part of his life, taught him too much, and helped him with the name he has today. Ending his speech, he introduced the shiftees, transferees, and first-year students by having them walk down the aisle while their Ates and Kuyas were proudly clapping for them. Indeed, PAVIOS is a welcoming community. 

Their general assembly won’t be complete without meeting the former presidents, starting from the year 2012. Each one of them delivered an inspiring message for those who hoped to be like them someday -- working in the aviation industry, particularly in electrical and electronic systems. “A lot of things might happen along the way, but my tip for you is just to trust the process,” remarked the 2020 president, (Erol Domingo) Reminiscing about the best years of their lives, they shared the best events during their term and gave advices to the new officers.

After over a month of preparation, the backbones of the event walked through the aisle with swashbuckling grins that echoed, “Wow! This is exactly what we have been preparing for.” Continuing to one of the exciting segments, the PAVIOS community coming from different year levels had a series of performances starting with the shifters and transferees.  “For our shiftees and transferees, it may not be your first choice to be an AvTech student, but it is the best decision you have made,” a message from one of the moderators. It was then followed by the 1st-year up to the graduating students — proving that they are the melting pot of talents and that nothing they accomplish can be compared to anyone else's.

When lunchtime started, the JADE (Battle of the Bands Champion) put on the instruments and performed live while the crowd dined on the finest food imaginable. Some of the students danced to the beat and wandered around the venue in a train formation, which gave everyone the best general assembly.

At the peak of the event, the program chairperson led the introduction of the graduating students. “Giving tribute to our graduating students, [...] this segment is to wish them good luck as they take their feet off the campus,” he said. After the performance, Mr. Hans William Gonzaga (Vice President - Internal) gave his closing remarks highlighting that after two years, they are finally back to building in-person precious moments. 

By 5:00 PM, as everyone was packing up to go home, it dawned on them that despite all the excitement and joy — this was one of the best events the PAVIOS community could ever manifest.